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Distributor Mountain Side Earthworks recently completed a Cypher Green Roads project in October 2021, the first of its kind in Western Canada. Together with Cypher, they donated DUST/BLOKR/®SB [SUGAR BLEND] to treat three kilometres of roads for Whispering Pines/Clinton Indian Band, (British Columbia, CANADA).

Mountain Side also donated the installation to the project, which included their rodeo grounds and three residential roads. Whispering Pines/Clinton Indian Band, which is one of Mountain Side’s First Nations partners, is located 35 kilometres north of Kamloops and has long stretches of unpaved roads which get very dusty and is an issue for nearby cattle and horses, not to mention the residents.

Cypher Green Roads in BC

Mountain Side Earthworks’ completed Western Canada’s first Cypher Green Roads project.

Mountain Side Earthworks used DUST/BLOKR/®SB, which is a proprietary blend of sugars, starches, and minerals, on the entire project. Easily applied using standard equipment, DUST/BLOKR/®SB is environmentally friendly and offers superior dust control on virtually all types of material for haul and access roads. It is resistant to water which makes it last in all types of weather conditions as well. It is also EPA Safer Choice certified making it safe for humans, wildlife, vegetation, and delicate aquatic ecosystems, which was an important element of using the product in the community at Whispering Pines.

“We were working right alongside the Thompson River, which is a fish-bearing river. They also have wildlife and animals in fields nearby, “ explains Sulphur. “All their roads are pretty much unpaved, so they become very dusty. They were happy to find an environmentally-friendly product because a lot of the First Nations communities will not use chemical treatments like calcium chloride since it kills vegetation and it’s harmful to the animals’ welfare.”

Cypher Green Roads

The road was built along a fish bearing-river with wildlife and animals in fields nearby.


  • Project sponsored by: Mountain Side Earthworks
  • Product donated by: Cypher Environmental
  • Donation made to:  Whispering Pines/Clinton Indian Band (British Columbia, CANADA)
  • Product donated:  DUST/BLOKR®/SB [Sugar Blend]
  • Services donated: Installation


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