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Research and development have been the cornerstones of Cypher Environmental’s success and will continue to form the foundation for our growth. Addressing environmental concerns continues to play an important part in our corporate strategy and positions us to expand our product range. We are continually evolving our existing products while seeking new opportunities to treat soil and surface challenges while protecting the environment.

Dust Control Products

Our dust control products are engineered to provide greater control over dust emissions—particularly on roads—but are also applicable for a range of other erosion control applications, such as stockpiles and tailings piles of various materials. Useful for a broad range of industries and applications, Cypher’s dust control products come in highly concentrated forms.


  • Designed for ease of application and long-lasting results
  • Penetrate hard-packed surfaces to withstand the weight of heavy haul trucks
  • Concentrated formulas can be mixed with up to 98% water, making them easy to mix and apply while being cost-effective for shipping
  • Suitable for almost any material type, these products bind materials together to form a dust-free barrier
  • When applied, the dilution rate can vary from as little as 2% for stockpiles and tailings piles to 12% for high-traffic haul roads
  • Product does not run off the road in the rain and does not get slippery when wet

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Road Stabilization

Our road stabilization product, known as EarthZyme®, is designed to provide long-term soil stabilization on unpaved roads and surfaces, as well as underneath existing road pavements of any kind. Used in a variety of industries, Cypher’s patented technology for EarthZyme helps prevent problems such as washboarding, rutting, heaving, potholing and dust.


  • Allows for the use of inexpensive materials (clay soils) in building high-performance roads
  • Strengthens and binds the surfaces of unpaved roads for the long term
  • Can be used to stabilize the road base and subgrade materials
  • Reduces long-term maintenance and operating costs due to increased stability and reduced grading frequency
  • Increases density after compaction, which results in reduced swelling, improved CBR values and a more durable road surface
  • Binds clay components in road base with all other materials present to permanently increase strength and density
  • Reduces costs by cutting back on expensive stabilization materials such as aggregates, lime or cement
  • A single application lasts several years and will not wash away with rain

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