Fugitive dust is one of the major nuisances affecting the agricultural sector. Unpaved road networks, wind erosion, harvesting, processing, and manufacturing activities, as well as exposure to the elements, all contribute to hazardous dust particles being transported in the air.

The human impact of dust particles is well known. Inhalation can cause both short-term and long-term respiratory problems when exposure is prolonged.

Not only can these particles impact human health, but they can also wreak havoc on crops and livestock, ultimately compromising on crop yield. According to a technical report by the US Army, titled “Dust Control Material Performance on Unsurfaced Roadways and Tank Trials”, dust settling on leaf surfaces can increase leaf temperatures while promoting water loss and decreasing carbon dioxide intake.

The combination of outcomes would impact photosynthesis and growth, eventually leading to accelerated erosion and decreased yield. Runoff from chemical dust control agents can also contaminate key water sources and drainage channels.

Unpaved roads on farmlands can also impact harvest season – making it harder to transport goods and even necessary equipment. Any delay in harvesting and transporting crops can mean dollars lost. 


Dust settling on leaf surfaces can increase leaf temperatures, water loss and decreased carbon dioxide intake; impacting photosynthesis and growth and eventually leading to accelerated erosion and decreased crop yield. Runoff from the road can also contaminate water sources and drainage channels.

Dust Control with DUST/BLOKR®

If you are looking for a dust control solution for your farm and agricultural land, Cypher’s DUST/BLOKR® is an environmentally friendly dust suppressant that is safe for agricultural use. DUST/BLOKR is organic and biodegradable, non-toxic and non-corrosive, leaving zero environmental impact behind.

Safe Alternative to Conventional Agricultural Dust Control

Non-Toxic, Non-Corrosive and US EPA Safer Choice Certified
Reduces airborne dust emissions by 90%+
Longer lasting results that will last for entire season through to harvest
Reduces water consumption
Reduces maintenance costs and operating costs
Ensures compliance to legislation
Create safer, more sustainable and higher yielding farmlands

Applications & Uses

DUST/BLOKR® can deliver results in agriculture for:

  • Gravel and dirt roads that are needed for crop maintenance
  • Feedlots 

Other benefits of DUST/BLOKR® Dust Control for Agriculture include:

  • Improved soil stability and increased protection from erosion
  • Improved road strength for more efficient crop transfers
  • Conserves water
  • Can be stored outdoor or indoors, no impact on performance after freeze-thaw
  • Can be applied using standard road building equipment – water sprayer



How can we reduce the impact of road dust on roadside vegetation on farmers’ fields?

Studies have suggested that a car driving down one mile of road, once a day for one year, can lead to one ton of dust being deposited 500 feet on either side of the road median. This dust can coat the leaves of agricultural crops, leading to a reduction in photosynthesis and reduced crop yields, lending to the need for an effective dust suppressant.

Traditional chloride based road dust suppressants can be quite corrosive, and have actually been labeled as toxic, as per section 64 of the 1999 CEPA (Canadian Environmental Protection Act). Therefore, they can be quite harmful to roadside vegetation. DUST/BLOKR® was designed as a non-corrosive and environmentally-friendly alternative to chlorides for road dust control, while being very competitively priced, having no negative impact on surrounding crops whatsoever.

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