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Cypher Environmental is a global provider of environmentally friendly cleantech dust control and road stabilization solutions. Cypher’s products are non-toxic, non-corrosive, biodegradable and are the only products that leave behind zero environmental impact.

Rooted in its commitment to ‘always do what’s right’, Cypher Environmental has been providing its cleantech road management solutions to the mining industry for close to 15 years. To date, Cypher’s products have been used in over 50 countries around the world and put to the test in some of the most extreme conditions in mining, aviation, agriculture, and municipal infrastructure.

We have long considered responsible management fundamental to our core corporate values. Our guiding principle to ‘always do what’s right’ underpins all that we do and is the encapsulation of our whole philosophy for doing business. Environmental Social Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility principles are at the core of every decision we make.


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“Always do what’s right“

Our ‘always do what’s right’ philosophy is the guiding principle behind the work that we do. We are driven to solving common problems found in the environment today with ONLY environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions. This has led us to engaging in several philanthropic endeavours, with the ultimate focus on making the world a better place for generations to come.

We help our customers from a wide array of industries simultaneously reduce their operating expenses (OPEX) and environmental footprint by using our cleantech dust control and soil stabilization solutions. We have successfully completed projects in over 50 countries around the world using our DUST/BLOKR and ROAD//STABILIZR products. We continue to make strides in our mission to remove harmful road salts and other toxic products from our roads and stand by our promise to build Better Roads. Better Bottom Line. Better Planet. Period!

Mining Around the World

Our cleantech road management solutions are specifically catered to helping our mining customers reduce their operational expenses (OPEX) while simultaneously reducing their environmental footprint.

With haulage costs representing 30 – 35% of operational costs for open pit mines, it makes sense to pay attention to the condition of your haul roads. We focus on helping our clients enhance their haul roads and achieve reductions in rolling resistance, fuel and water consumption, maintenance requirements and costs while increasing productivity.  Applications go beyond roads and can be applied to tailings piles, stockpiles, and used for any other dust and erosion control needs.

We achieve all this by using our superior soil stabilization and dust control technologies.

While we focus on solutions for mining, municipal, agricultural and construction applications, Cypher cleantech product applications are ideal for any of the following:

  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Forestry
  • Military
  • Mining Haul Roads
  • Municipal Projects
  • Parks and Recreational Spaces
  • Property Management
  • Railways
  • Tarmacs and Helipads
We started with an idea and developed a culture, not just a business. That’s what I’m most proud of.

Todd Burns - President & CEO

The Whole Truth

Looking at the big picture regarding how our roads are an asset is not only important for our community, it’s important for our planet. Over two-thirds of the roads in the world are unpaved. Therefore one of the most relevant ongoing concerns is dust, which if not managed correctly, will have a profound impact on the overall environmental footprint and in communities around the world. See how Cypher is tackling this problem to make life better.

Born out of our commitment to Environmental Social Governance (ESG) & Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Cypher Green Roads aims to give back by enhancing local roads and infrastructure in the communities in which our cleantech products are being used around the world.

Cypher Green Roads mandates that we donate substantial volumes of product and/or a portion of profit from a project to local communities in need; located near mines and large projects that are using Cypher products.

Better Communities

While our core objective is to develop cleantech road management solutions that are environmentally-friendly and highly effective, we are also deeply committed to the preservation of valuable resources and to giving back and helping the communities in which we work, play and live through the Cypher Green Roads program and small acts of kindness where we can. As a team and as individuals, we hope our contributions and endeavours, both big and small, local or international – can improve the welfare and roads of our communities, here and beyond.

Our Community

Cypher Environmental is dedicated to the development of Global Environmental Solutions and the advancement of the industries in which it participates in and serves. Our partnering associations and memberships are built on lasting relationships and are a symbol of our commitment to nurturing partnerships. We are proud community members.

Associations and Memberships

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