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A variety of other industries face a common challenge of how to minimize dust and erosion of numerous unpaved surfaces. Whether these be runways or helipads, horse riding arenas, industrial yard sites or even slopes and embankments. Cypher has designed a variety of solutions to meet the various needs of these industries, while maintaining the strict policy of having ZERO impact on the environment and of course no impact on the people and animals who use them! These solutions can be applied with standard equipment and techniques, common to each application, providing for easy adoption for any new project worldwide.

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How can we reduce dust emissions on helipads and runways?

Careful attention has to be placed when picking the correct dust palliative product to ensure a non-corrosive option is chosen. Corrosive products used to control dust on runways and helipads can have damaging effects on the aircraft using these surfaces. Due to the fact that the DUST/BLOKR® products are all non-corrosive and environmentally friendly, they are the ideal solution for use on these types of sensitive applications. Our DUST/BLOKR® conforms with Boeing Certification D6-17487, which means it is certified by Boeing’s stringent testing standards for use on runways and landing pads. DUST/BLOKR® will provide some added stability as well, providing for a longer lasting and smoother running surface, and will have no adverse impact on aircraft, as well as no negative impacts on nearby vegetation.

How can we control dust in our horse riding arena?

Horse riding arenas can be prone to dust contamination from the footing used in the arenas. This can be unhealthy for the horses to breath in, not to mention the riders and crowds who may be taking in an event. The footing used can have a significant impact on reducing dust, but for those that are prone to dusty conditions, the proper use of a dust palliative can provide for a much healthier and safer condition for all users of the arena, horses and humans alike. DUST/BLOKR® Powder is the best suited product for riding arenas in the DUST/BLOKR® family, due to its ability to re-absorb water, and the fact that it comes exclusively in a powder form. The product is mixed into the footing dry, and then watered, to help slightly increase the moisture content of the footing and reduce the present dust. DUST/BLOKR® Powder does not form a hard crust that can be broken by the horses hooves, and provides long term results, with only the occasional addition of small amounts of water. Last but not least, it is not harmful at all to the horses running directly on the treated footing surface.

How can we reduce the dust in our industrial yard sites?

Industrial yard sites can be burdened with dust issues that have a negative impact on the operation due to reduced visibility and safety concerns, not to mention the environmental impact on the surrounding community. Because these sites can often have expensive equipment on the premises, corrosive products to control dust are not the ideal solution. Therefore DUST/BLOKR® is highly applicable due not only to its non-corrosive properties, but also due to the added stability features that are attributed to a treated material after the product’s application. DUST/BLOKR® is easy to apply and very effective at reducing harmful dust that can be present at many yard and construction sites.

How can we prevent erosion from slopes and embankments?

A variety of unpaved slopes and embankments, including stockpiles, can be prone to water and wind erosion. As a result, times of heavy rains and wind can cause costly damage that needs to be repaired when the weather improves. In the case of stockpiles, this erosion can represent significant losses in the material being stored. All DUST/BLOKR® products are well suited to protect slopes, embankments and stockpiles from erosion from both wind and water. The products are applied using standard spray equipment, so no specialization is required for the products’ application, making it easy to apply, no matter the projects’ locations. Also due to the fact that no traffic exists in most of these projects, a very highly diluted solution can be applied, resulting in extremely cost effective results.

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