There are over 27,000 unpaved runways and airstrips the world over.*

For many years, our dust suppressant and road stabilization solutions have handled the daily punishment of heavy mining trucks, and now, they are being applied on unpaved runways, airstrips, tarmacs, helipads, and adjacent airport service roads.

Not only can DUST/BLOKR® reduce unwanted dust and increases water resistance on runways, it also sustains treated surfaces with greater California Bearing Ratio (CBR) values. With a Boeing conformity standard (BSS7432), and an EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) Safer Choice Certification, DUST/BLOKR® meets all sustainability criteria as a 100% environmentally-friendly solution. And delivered as a concentrate and then mixed with water prior to application, DUST/BLOKR® offers a comprehensive cost advantage; producing less greenhouse gas in transport, and a more stable, less dusty surface, which translates directly to lower aircraft maintenance and repair costs.


After a review of the DUST/BLOKR product and associated documentation, Transport Canada has verified that DUST/BLOKR is safe for use at Canada’s airports and aerodromes. Based on Transport Canada’s review of DUST/BLOKR, including laboratory testing, DUST/BLOKR satisfies Section 8.3 of Advisory Circular 300-004 for non-corrosivity for aircraft materials.

Transport Canada is responsible for transportation policies, programs, and the promotion of safe, secure, efficient, and environmentally responsible transportation. Transport Canada Advisory Circular (AC) was developed to provide information and guidance around acceptable means of demonstrating compliance with regulations and standards. Transport Canada Advisory Circular (AC) No. 300-004 outlines methodologies for measuring and reporting surface shear strength for unpaved runways and recommended practices for condition inspection, maintenance, and repair of airport gravel surfaces and turf landing strips.

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Conforms with Boeing BSS7432 (D6-17487) Standards
Cost Competitive with Oil-Based Products
Reduces Maintenance Costs
Non-Corrosive & Environmentally-Friendly
Increases Water Resistance
Increases Stabilization & CBR
Made in Canada

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