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Cypher’s DUST/BLOKR® is a technology specifically engineered for unpaved surfaces and suitable for use on gravel airstrips, runways, helipads and tarmacs. Consisting of natural ingredients, DUST/BLOKR® is 100% environmentally friendly, non-toxic and non-corrosive to both environment and aircraft materials while delivering superior and consistent performance.

Cypher’s DUST/BLOKR® has been used in over 50 countries around the world in some of the most remote regions and have proven effective in even extreme climates.

Not only can DUST/BLOKR® provide dust control on runways, it also:

  • increases water resistance and sustains treated surfaces with greater California Bearing Ratio (CBR) values, creating a more stable and stronger gravel runways surface
  • reduces airstrip FOD (foreign object damage)
  • reduces maintenance costs by reducing the need for grading, aggregate use and watering requirements

Delivered as a concentrate and then mixed with water prior to application, DUST/BLOKR® offers a comprehensive cost advantage; producing less greenhouse gas in transport, and a more stable, less dusty surface, which translates directly to lower aircraft maintenance and repair costs.

Over 50% lower in cost than other approved products in Canada
Reduces aircraft repair and runway maintenance costs
Non-corrosive, non-toxic & environmentally friendly
Increases water resistance & rejuvenates with moisture
Increases stabilization & CBR
A concentrated formula for lower shipping costs to remote airstrips

Safe for use in Aviation

Used largely by the mining industry to suppress dust on mine haul roads, the non-corrosive nature of Cypher’s DUST/BLOKR® makes it an ideal dust control solution for the aviation industry to preserve and ensure gravel runway performance.

DUST/BLOKR® is highly versatile, and we are committed to delivering the same superior results to all our customers across industries and applications. We have worked closely with industry and independent agencies, scientists and engineers to ensure our product and our on-site support team can help you achieve long-lasting, environmentally friendly and cost effective dust control for runways.

Trusted by the Aviation Industry

Transport Canada

DUST/BLOKR® has been verified by Transport Canada as safe for use at Canada’s airports and aerodromes. After an extensive product review and undergoing laboratory testing, Transport Canada has deemed that DUST/BLOKR® satisfies Section 8.3 of Advisory Circular 300-004 for non-corrosivity for aircraft materials.

Transport Canada Advisory Circular (AC) No. 300-004 outlines methodologies for measuring and reporting surface shear strength for unpaved runways and recommended practices for condition inspection, maintenance, and repair of airport gravel surfaces and turf landing strips.


Boeing Specification BSS7432 (D6-17487)

DUST/BLOKR® has been confirmed to meet Boeing Specification BSS7432 (D6-17487), Evaluation of Aircraft Maintenance Materials – Exterior and General Cleaners and Liquid Waxes, Polishes and Polishing Compounds which allows DUST/BLOKR® to be safely applied to achieve dust control for runways and airstrips. All of our products have been proven to be non-corrosive and safe for aircraft materials.


US EPA Safer Choice Certified

US EPA Safer Choice Certified ProductDUST/BLOKR® meets all sustainability criteria as a 100% environmentally friendly solution, not just for highways and roads but also for dust control for runways.

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