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B2 Gold donates to the village of New Fadougou

The village of New Fadougou was chosen by B2 Gold to receive 12,000 liters of DUST/BLOKR®/SB applied to their internal roads. The same product is being used by B2Gold to minimize the environmental impact of their road network.

Distributor Mountainside Earthworks donates to Whispering Pines/Clinton Indian Band

Distributor Mountain Side Earthworks recently completed a Cypher Green Roads project in October 2021, the first of its kind in Western Canada. Together with Cypher, they donated DUST/BLOKR/®SB [SUGAR BLEND] to treat three kilometres of roads for Whispering Pines/Clinton Indian Band, (British Columbia, CANADA).

Baffinland Iron Mines donates to Community of Pond Inlet

The joint donation now allows Pond Inlet to benefit from the same proprietary technology on their roads as is used on Baffinland’s to minimize the environmental impact of dust. Cypher also donated the time of an expert technician to train local road crews in the product’s application.


As part of our Cypher Green Roads @ home, Cypher Environmental donated product, time, and services to the community of…

Congratulations to B2Gold Corp. on the completion of their first Cypher Green Roads project in Mali, West Africa. This donation…

Distributor Mountain Side Earthworks recently completed a Cypher Green Roads project in October 2021, the first of its kind in…

Cypher Environmental will donate up to 5% of a project value for any orders exceeding USD $250,000, in the form of product, to a local community near the project location.

Cypher Environmental was founded on the basis that we would only develop and promote environmentally friendly products used to solve a variety of common environmental issues (Dust and Soil Road Management). The world has embraced our philosophy and solutions in over 50 countries and 7 continents, and with this success our responsibility to give back has naturally developed into a program:  Cypher Green Roads.


What is Cypher Green Roads?

Better Communities.

Born out of our commitment to Environmental Social Governance (ESG) & Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Cypher Green Roads aims to give back by enhancing local roads and infrastructure in the communities in which our products are being used around the world.

Cypher Green Roads mandates that we donate substantial volumes of product and/or a portion of profit from a project to local communities in need; located near mines and large projects that are using Cypher products.

Why Cypher Green Roads?

Better Planet.

It is our goal to help mines and industry reduce their environmental impact overall during their project, as well as to help them create good will and make a positive impact within neighbouring communities in which their projects are taking place.

Who Can Participate in Cypher Green Roads?

  • Mines
  • Industry
  • Municipalities
  • Provincial, State + Federal Government

Who Can Benefit From Cypher Green Roads Donations?

  • Towns
  • Villages
  • Communities
  • Not-for-profits
  • Wildlife reserves
  • National or regional parks and/or natural habitat preserves
Environmental Social Governance is rarely addressed by medium-sized mining suppliers. The first example MSTA CANADA has found is from our member Cypher Environmental with its 'Green Roads' initiative - a truly visionary and innovative approach to ESG.

Ryan McEachern, Managing Director - MSTA Canada

"Always do what's right."

Better Roads. Happier Communities. Healthier Planet. Period.

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