Better Roads. Better Bottom Line. Better Planet.
“Always do what's right”

Cypher Environmental will donate up to 5% of a project value for any orders exceeding USD $250,000, in the form of product, to a local community near the project location.

What is Cypher Green Roads?

Better Communities.

Born out of our commitment to Environmental Social Governance (ESG) & Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Cypher Green Roads aims to give back by enhancing local roads and infrastructure in the communities in which our products are being used around the world.

Cypher Green Roads mandates that we donate substantial volumes of product and/or a portion of profit from a project to local communities in need; located near mines and large projects that are using Cypher products.

Why Cypher Green Roads?

Better Planet.

It is our goal to help mines and industry reduce their environmental impact overall during their project, as well as to help them create good will and make a positive impact within neighbouring communities in which their projects are taking place.

Who Can Participate in Cypher Green Roads?

  • Mines
  • Industry
  • Municipalities
  • Provincial, State + Federal Government

Who Can Benefit From Cypher Green Roads Donations?

  • Towns
  • Villages
  • Communities
  • Not-for-profits
  • Wildlife reserves
  • National or regional parks and/or natural habitat preserves

Always Do the right thing.

Better Roads. Happier Communities. Healthier Planet. Period.

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