Cypher Green Roads Donation to Pond Inlet

Cypher Environmental teamed up with the Baffinland Iron Mines at Mary Lake in the northern part of Baffin Island for a Green Roads project to donate Cypher’s zero environmental impact dust suppression product to tiny community of Pond Inlet, where road dust has been a historical challenge for residents. Dust from unpaved roads has known health impacts on human cardiovascular and respiratory health. The joint donation now allows Pond Inlet to benefit from the same proprietary technology on their roads as is used on Baffinland’s to minimize the environmental impact of dust.

Cypher also donated the time of an expert technician to train local road crews in the product’s application. This created valuable skill sets in the community that will be used perpetually moving forward to help create jobs and continued positive impact in the community. We also had help from  Nunavut Sealink and Supply Inc. (NSSI), an Inuit majority-owned Nunavut based company, who shipped the 38 totes of DUST/BLOKR® at no cost to Pond Inlet.

Brian Penny, president of Baffinland, the Canadian high-grade iron ore mining company and Cypher dust suppression customer at its mining site, credits Burns’ “give back” philosophy, with forwarding his company’s own mission of environmentally responsible mining.

“Baffinland is pleased to partner with companies that have a desire to give back to our local communities. Our contracting services have enabled a donation of the same product we use at our operation to the Hamlet of Pond Inlet, to help them tackle the same issues we face – dusty roads. Working with Cypher Environmental … aligns with our values and extends the benefits of the Mary River Mine in an environmentally responsible manner.”


  • Project sponsored by: Baffinland Iron Mine
  • Product donated by: Cypher Environmental
  • Donation made to: Hamlet of Pond Inlet, Nunavut (CANADA)
  • Product donated: 38,000 litres DUST/BLOKR®/SB [Sugar Blend]
  • Services donated: Transportation, installation and training

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