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Eco-Road Hero Pty Ltd. – Distributor Feature

Cypher’s network is made up of many educated and passionate professionals.  Ivan Heron, Director of Eco-Road Hero Pty Ltd. is…

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Stopping dust a must – Winnipeg Free Press article

August 5, 2020 – The Winnipeg Free Press featured Cypher Environmental in an article about our growing global and domestic…

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Reducing Road Dust in Pond Inlet, Nunavut – News Release

                              Pond Inlet, NU, July 20,…

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Cypher Environmental’s ESG Plan in Action

While a global pandemic may have stopped our fourth annual golf tournament in support of the Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre this…

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Increasing Road Strength Through Soil Stabilization

Roads are something you may not think about a lot, but at Cypher Environmental, we believe road infrastructure is a…

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How to get DUST/BLOKR® on your Worksite

So you’ve heard all about DUST/BLOKR®, you have done your research, and you want to make the move to get…

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Long Term Dust Control for Haul Roads

With mine haul roads slowly being reopened again, now is the perfect time to reassess your dust control solutions.  Why…

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Tell Me About DUST/BLOKR®

Cypher Environmental’s goal is to improve project safety, operational efficiencies and your bottom line. We’re innovating for the growing global…

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Brandon University & Cypher Environmental Featured in Brandon Sun

The Brandon Sun recently published an article entitled ‘New Clay-Based Mixture Could Be the Key to Smooth Sailing on Rural Roads’, written…

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Dr. Hamid Mumin Gives Presentation on ROAD//STABILIZR® Research Conducted in Partnership with Brandon University

Cypher Environmental was pleased to host a Lunch & Learn presentation at Brandon University earlier this week, given by Dr. Hamid Mumin….

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