Tell Me About DUST/BLOKR®

Cypher Environmental’s goal is to improve project safety, operational efficiencies and your bottom line. We’re innovating for the growing global economy with our range of environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional road dust control methods, like DUST/BLOKR®.

What is DUST/BLOKR®?

DUST/BLOKR® solutions are dust control products created to withstand heavy traffic on mine haul roads, and affordable enough to use as road dust suppressants on secondary roads for counties and municipalities with limited budgets. DUST/BLOKR® is a cost competitive, non-corrosive and environmentally friendly alternative to common road salts like magnesium chloride and calcium chloride.

DUST/BLOKR® comes in a highly concentrated form to match your dust control needs and save costs with economical shipping and long lasting results. You can also use DUST/BLOKR® for erosion control of mine tailings and stockpiles, and other unpaved surfaces.


DUST/BLOKR® can be used in the most environmentally sensitive environments and applies to a wide range of road material types. DUST/BLOKR® features enhanced dust control results for a variety of road dust suppression needs, applied through standard equipment and techniques. It’s an unrivalled solution for cost-effective dust control, worldwide.

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How does DUST/BLOKR® work?

Cypher Environmental created a proprietary blend of sugars, starches and minerals that utilize the functional properties of each component to bind and harden any loose particulate matter to control dust.

The DUST/BLOKR® blend reduces road surface issues in wet conditions. After applying DUST/BLOKR®, the sugars form a strong bond with the insoluble materials and minimizes the chance of runoff. After each rain, DUST/BLOKR® will re-set once dry and re-bind any loose materials.

Applied in a diluted form, water evaporates from DUST/BLOKR® as it dries achieving dust control as the naturally adhesive materials trap loose particulate.

What are the benefits of DUST/BLOKR®?

  •   Reduced long-term maintenance costs
  •   Reduced grading on treated roads
  •   Reduced re-sheeting
  •   Reduced watering requirements
  •   Long-lasting results
  •   Price competitive with chlorides
  •   Improved engineering properties
  •   Increased water resistance resulting in better performance in all weather conditions
  •   Reduced maintenance requirements as a result of wet weather
  •   Does not get slippery when wet
  •   Non-corrosive and environmentally friendly
  •   Will not cause rust on vehicles or application equipment
  •   Easy adoption by any new customer – applied with standard equipment
  •   No adverse impact on roadside vegetation
  •   Easily mixed, applied and maintained
  •   Applicable to a range of road and material types
  •   Safe to use in sensitive environmental areas
  •   Improved health and safety of workers

How does DUST/BLOKR® save my company money?

  • Increased visibility leads to higher productivity levels for mining and other industrial clients
  • Saves labour and fuel costs compared to frequent water application
  • Use conventional construction equipment instead of specialized equipment.
  • Save by shipping an extremely concentrated solution and dilute on site.
  • Reduces maintenance costs, such as:
  • Reduced Grading
  • Reduced Re-sheeting
  • Reduced Watering
  • Cost competitive with chlorides
  • Long lasting results
  • Reduction in maintenance requirements as a result of wet weather
  • Reduced repairs and downtime to the equipment caused by dust
  • Optimisation of vehicles and application equipment
  • Will not cause rust on vehicles/application equipment


How is DUST/BLOKR® applied?

  1. Grade uneven surfaces and minimize loose gravel on the road.
  2. Get the dilution and application rates from Cypher Environmental and fill the water or spray tank with the recommended amount of DUST/BLOKR® and water.
  3. Drive back and forth over the road surface the recommended number of passes to evenly spray the diluted DUST/BLOKR® until the entire desired road length is covered and the tank is empty.
  4. . If multiple applications of DUST/BLOKR® are required, the next spray can be done immediately after. Traffic can continue on the road as long as it is controlled and safely managed.
  5. Flush the truck with water to ensure DUST/BLOKR® is washed out of the tank, hoses, spray heads and pumps. DUST/BLOKR® is easy to wash off when wet.
  6. DUST/BLOKR® can be applied topically, or mixed in and compacted for longer-term stabilization and enhanced engineering properties of your road.

Visit Cypher Environmental for further details, or contact us here for detailed application instructions and helpful tips.

What are third-party reports saying about DUST/BLOKR®?

Aéroports de Montréal

  •   “On 2014 and 2015 we used DUST/BLOKR® liquid from Cypher environmental on rte. 500 at Pierre Elliott Trudeau airport in Montreal, Canada. This road is problematic for us due to its high dust production and close proximity to runway 06R-24L. Since we have used it, we have had no issues with dust and are happy with its long-lasting capabilities, the product, once cured, is also insoluble with rain. We’ll probably use it again.”

Village of Dunnotar, Manitoba

  •   “We have recently applied Cypher Environmental’s new DUST/BLOKR® {DUST/BLOKR®) product to on Victor Avenue within the municipality. DUST/BLOKR® was advertised to be competitive with chlorides in terms of cost and effectiveness and so far has performed well and exhibited excellent properties during and after rain. The product has stood up to the elements very well thus far, with periods of rain and hot, dry and windy weather.”
  • “We were also pleased with the great customer support, including both remotely and on-site assistance during the application of the product. We continue to see more than satisfactory results and are happy with the dust and erosion control provided.”

Pinnacle Renewable Energy Inc.

  • “We applied Cypher Environmental’s DUST/BLOKR® (DUST/BLOKR®) product on our plants access gravel road at our Prince Rupert plant site to suppress dust and stabilize the road. This access road is a well-trafficked road. DUST/BLOKR® performed well and exhibited excellent properties during and after rain. The product, which is a seasonal application, stood up to the elements very well, with several periods of rain and hot, dry and windy weather. We look forward to future projects involving Cypher Environmental.”


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