ROAD//STABILIZR®® Haul Road in Remote Region Makes Enormous Impact

The Gobi Desert is a stretch of desert that covers an area of 1,295,000km2 and covers parts of northern and northwestern China and into southern Mongolia.  The desert landscape makes the area more susceptible to trampling by livestock and off-road vehicles.  In an effort to protect the natural desert environment and to ensure safe driving, Cypher’s ROAD//STABILIZR® soil stabilizer was applied to a stretch of coal mine haul road that hauls coal from Southern Mongolia into North China.

This region of the desert is also blocked by the Himalaya Mountains which means it receives very little rainfall on an annual basis.  This causes an extremely dry environment where dust suppression is necessary to ensure safe driving. The need for an effective dust control solution in this delicate environment required an environmentally-friendly solution that can control dust with minimal maintenance and re-application and a soil stabilizing effect that can withstand heavy loads.

The combination of ROAD//STABILIZR® soil stabilizer and DUST/BLOKR® dust control had overwhelming success for this stretch of coal mine haul road.  The road was able to sustain heavy loads of over 100 tons from the coal hauling trucks and the area where DUST/BLOKR® was applied was not affected by the high winds that are prevalent throughout the Gobi Desert.  Consistent traffic of these heavy load haul vehicles only added to the stability of the roads.  For more information on this project, please contact us.


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