Soil Stabilization for South American Coal Mine

Different application sites will have different requirements in a soil stabilizer. There are many factors to consider when choosing a soil stabilization product for your project. Climate, soil content and load requirements are just a few of the factors that you must examine and understand before choosing a soil stabilization product.

Cypher Environmental is a global distributor of ROAD//STABILIZR® soil stabilizer. Our soil stabilization product has been used all around the world and we have taken great care to ensure its effectiveness across all regions.   One of our biggest projects was an ROAD//STABILIZR® application in Colombia – in one of South America’s largest coal mines.  The coal mine produces nearly two milling tons of coal per year, maintaining a sterile standard ration of 6 to 1.  At the time of application, the mine mobilized approximately 15 million cubic meters per year using CAT 793 trucks that have a capacity of 380 tons.  Smaller CAT 777 trucks with a capacity of 140 tons were also used for hauling coal. The trucks occupied double truck lanes with a traffic gross weight of 32 tons, approximately 22 hours a day.  This means that a CAT 793 truck passes on this road every 5 minutes and a CAT 777 1.3 times every 5 minutes.

mine haul truck on a road treated for soil stabilization

With those requirements in mind, it was extremely important to have consistent access to the mine haul roads so that no stoppage in work would occur.  An application of ROAD//STABILIZR® soil stabilizer was used to create reliable roads that were also friendly to the environment.  In this case, Cypher’s soil stabilizer (and dust control product, DUST/BLOKR®) was able to reduce the mine’s operating costs by dramatically reducing road maintenance costs, lost man hours, vehicle downtime and mounting insurance costs.

Not only did ROAD//STABILIZR® prove effective against the heavy load requirements of the mine, it was also effective in the Colombian climate and through its wet seasons of heavy rainfalls. Read more about this project or contact us for more details.



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