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ROAD//STABILIZR® Alleviates Gravel Shortage for Syncrude

When Base Plant Projects realized Syncrude’s road building material was in short supply, they teamed with Mildred Lake Mining to…

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Massive Load Bearing Capacity of ROAD//STABILIZR® Treated Haul Roads

Columbian Coal Mine Puts ROAD//STABILIZR® to the Test A pilot project was carried out to prove the efficacy and enormous…

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Shenhua Mine in China – ROAD//STABILIZR® Project Update

The Shenhua Mine in China, near Xilinhaote Inner Mongolia, experiences a cold and semi-arid climate with summers that are short…

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ROAD//STABILIZR® Haul Road in China Continues to Perform Under Heavy Haul Truck Traffic

The nearly 20 km of permanent haul roads stabilized with ROAD//STABILIZR® in August of 2014 continue to perform as promised…

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Cypher Environmental Announces Soil Stabilization and Dust Control Project With Brandon University

Cypher Environmental is pleased to announce a recent undertaking of a soil stabilization and dust control related research project, jointly…

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Shenhua Mine Benefits from ROAD//STABILIZR® Soil Stabilization

ROAD//STABILIZR® Saves Chinese Mine Both Time & Money The Shenhua Mine is located near Xilinhaote Inner Mongolia in China. This…

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Soil Stabilization for South American Coal Mine

Different application sites will have different requirements in a soil stabilizer. There are many factors to consider when choosing a…

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ROAD//STABILIZR®® Haul Road in Remote Region Makes Enormous Impact The Gobi Desert is a stretch of desert that covers an area…

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