Road Salts Report

It is bizarre, to say the least, that every year road salts are used for de-icing or to control dust pollution, given that the ingredients in these products causes significant environmental damage over prolonged periods of time. The ingredients in road salts can include sodium chloride, calcium chloride, potassium chloride and magnesium chloride, among others. There are a number of ways that road salts can enter the wider environment and wreak havoc; many of which are unavoidable. For instance, road salts are widely dispersed in the environment through groundwater and soil absorption, which eventually contaminates plant and animal life with devastating effects.

The potential damage to the environment, from the use of road salts, cannot be underestimated. Road salt contamination directly affects vegetation, flora and fauna; however, there is also a secondary effect. Elevated salt levels damage certain plant life while promoting the growth of others. This, in turn, impacts on the entire ecosystem of the affected area; from animals to insects and other plant life and vegetation. Even with the most stringent safety measures in place, the only way to prevent this kind of contamination is not to use road salts at all.

DUST/BLOKR® Liquid Concentrate, although slightly more expensive than road salts, is 100% environmentally friendly. Not only that but the product lasts longer and can be used with any machinery or vehicle fit for application of spraying. With DUST/BLOKR® Liquid Concentrate there is no threat to local wildlife, plants or vegetation; in fact, heavier applications are good for providing soil stabilization. Where road salts become less effective, such as in heavy rain or low humidity, DUST/BLOKR® Liquid Concentrate is unaffected. The product is insoluble once it cures, so an application will last just as long in wet climates as it will in dry climates. This, plus the fact that DUST/BLOKR® Liquid Concentrate allows for variable dilution rates to suit specific needs, makes it a far superior product than road salts for dust control.

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