Dangers of Road Dust

The entire reason for dust control on roads, streets, and in industries and agricultural environments is to prevent pollution and contamination from dangerous chemicals and compounds. So, it begs the question: Why are the most frequently used products in this application – road salts – compounding the problem? In essence, by using road salts as dust control, we are replacing one hazardous pollutant with another.

Road salts contaminate ground water, vegetation, plant and wild life, as well as cause corrosion to buildings and architecture. As a solution, it just does not make any sense. However, with that said, road dust is a serious problem and an effective solution is needed. Consider the amount of debris on our roads, then consider how under the constant weight of traffic, much of that debris is broken down into particles small enough for us to breathe in. These particles can contain elements of asbestos, rubber and anything else that gets cast off from passing vehicles. The result is a concoction of potentially life threatening particles, which pose a serious risk to the health of anyone who breathes them in.

There is an alternative to road salts, which as well as being safer for us and the environment, offers longer lasting and superior results. DUST/BLOKR® has been long established as an effective product in the mining industry. Its high molecular weight, resistance to break down and use as an erosion control product means it is not only a superior choice over road salts, but a more versatile choice, too. In contrast, where road salts will kill any vegetation they come into contact with, DUST/BLOKR® products can actually be used to help grow grass in a variety of erosion control applications, including as an additive in hydroseeding formulas. The initial cost of DUST/BLOKR® products is higher than road salts, however, when you consider the on-going benefits and long lasting applications, DUST/BLOKR® pays for itself. Road salts have already done considerable damage to our environment and eco-systems, which has been largely underestimated until recent studies. With the availability of a 100% environmentally safe product such as DUST/BLOKR®, the choice should be clear. Make road salts a thing of the past and start using the only, sensible alternative instead.

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