Recognizing the Corrosion Threat Part I

It is widely recognized, through studies and testing, that the use of road salts causes significant corrosion problems for buildings and architecture. So undeniable is the evidence of road salt corrosion that potential damage is often estimated by using data from coastal architecture corrosion caused by natural sea salt. Basically, that means that comparing the weather and humidity in an area where road salts are used, to a similar coastal region, provides a real world model of how much damage results from the use of road salts. Similarly, it has been found that the use of magnesium chloride is a significant factor in the cause of truck, electrical systems and road concrete corrosion.

Damage is not limited to architecture and buildings close to where road salts have been used, either. Moving vehicles, and especially heavy duty types, cause road salt mists to form in the air. These mists consist of either salt water or dry particles, which, depending on the environmental factors involved can travel up to 1.2 miles from the treated area. In some studies, it has been reported that road salt particles were present as far up as the 59th floor of buildings. An interesting point to consider about the use of road salts is, the people and businesses who use them because they are cheap, are very likely those whose buildings and architecture are damaged by the corrosion that road salts cause, too.

So what is the alternative? DUST/BLOKR® Liquid Concentrate, unlike road salts, is both an environmentally friendly and non-corrosive product. It has applications across a number of industries, including dust control in mining, tailings piles, stockpiles and other heavily used roads and thoroughfares. There is an added benefit of using DUST/BLOKR® Liquid Concentrate, too – because it creates such an effective dust barrier, it helps prevent corrosive particles from entering the airstream and ever reaching building and architecture.

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