Cypher Environmental Passes Boeing Conformity Test

Aviation is the latest industry that Cypher Environmental has invested in creating a more sustainable approach to the design and management of runway and helipad infrastructure. In remote locations found around the world, like in Northern Canada, small towns, remote mine camps, most airstrips, runways, helipads and tarmacs are unpaved.

Even in these remote areas, the highest safety standards are still expected, which explains why the commercial aviation industry is one of the most investigated and monitored forms of transportation in the world.

Cypher set out to fine-tune its soil stabilization and dust control solutions and has recently received BOEING BSS7432 (D6 – 14787) for both the ROAD//STABILIZR® and DUST/BLOKR® products.

About BOEING BSS7432 conformity

It’s important that planes perform at their highest capability, so it’s safe for the passengers and crew. In order for a product to be used on a runway or around an airport, it must prove that it won’t affect the performance of the plane by passing the following four tests:

The sandwich corrosion test:  This test evaluates how corrosive aircraft maintenance chemicals are when they land between faying surfaces, like aluminum alloys, which are commonly used for aircraft structures.

The crazing test: This tests for cracks on the surface of a material.

The paint softening test: This determines if the product will soften or impact the paint on the aircraft in any way.

The hydrogen embrittlement test: This tests the embrittlement of metal after being exposed to hydrogen.

Cypher Environmental’s products meet all four criteria, which enabled us to get a passing grade and successfully meet the conformity standards. With these results in mind, not only will our aviation-based customers have the assurance that their aircraft will not be harmed, but the same extends to all other clients around the world in other industries that have expensive equipment and vehicles using their treated roads.



Our Competitive Advantage

DUST/BLOKR® is substantially lower in cost than other dust control products currently on the market with this BOEING D6 – 14787 conformity.

After several conversations with our long-standing and potential customers, we knew it was important to introduce our concentrated technologies to the market to allow for this substantial cost-savings to be captured by our clients, both in terms of product costs and logistics – DUST/BLOKR® is mixed with several parts water prior to application, so requires much less volume to be shipped to these remote locations.

Beyond the cost savings, as Cypher continues to grow in the global dust control and soil stabilization arena, we continue to work to differentiate ourselves from the competition by creating better performing technologies, and always holding true to our core value of sustainability — meaning that we only develop technologies with no negative environmental impacts. The acquisition of the BOEING BSS7432 (D6-14787) conformity gives helps our product stand out from our largest global competitor and most globally recognized product(s) for dust control.

Road salts, known as calcium chloride and magnesium chloride, are highly corrosive and are unable to meet even a single standard in the BOEING conformity tests. We are happy to be able to share this standard with all global clients to help them understand the reduced environmental impact they are having on the surrounding community through the use of our solutions.

What’s Next for Cypher

We have several projects commencing later in 2020 and 2021 where our products will be applied on runways, like some remote mine sites and for small towns in remote locations. Once successfully completed we hope to build additional case study material and to continue to increase our customers’ knowledge base regarding the opportunities to better manage their infrastructure using more cost-effective, environmentally-friendly technologies. We have done many projects at airports in the past as well, some of which are listed below.

Past Projects

Cypher Environmental has had the opportunity to work on and around several runways in the past. You can learn about some of these projects below.

Dust Suppression for Pierre Elliot Trudeau International Airport in Montréal, QC, Canada

DUST/BLOKR® was applied to Route 500 at the airport for two years in a row, in 2014 and 2015. It was an ideal solution for the airport due to the need to use a non-corrosive and environmentally friendly product.


Dust Suppression and Soil Stabilization for Olam Farms, Nigeria

In 2019, Olam Farms applied a 1.2 km x 40-meter airstrip with DUST/BLOKR® on a 100,000-acre rice farm. Dust was a huge concern for their rice harvest and aircraft safety in their dry season. After significant cost savings after the DUST/BLOKR® application, Olam Farms is planning on using ROAD//STABILIZR® to stabilize their roads before the next wet season in Nigeria. 


Dust Suppression for Bangalore Airport, India

The Bangalore airport was the fastest growing airport in 2018 with 32.3 million passengers. With constant construction and many construction vehicles generating dust, they decided to get ahead of potential damage to aircraft by applying DUST/BLOKR® on over 50-acres of land.


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