Dust Control for Lefa Gold Mine in Guinea, West Africa

Cypher Environmental’s DUST/BLOKR® was recently used for dust control for the gold mines in Guinea, West Africa. DUST/BLOKR® was able to effectively provide dust control for mine haul roads. Read the recommendation letter from Acting Mine Manager below.


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“23 May, 2012

Dear Mr. Burns,

Recently we tried the DUST/BLOKR® on our site at the Lefa Gold Mine in Guinea, West Africa. The results obtained were very satisfactory for us and have brought us to the conclusion that we will introduce DUST/BLOKR® on all of our haul roads. With the recent taxes being imposed by the Guinea Government on water usage this makes this even more attractive for our site to introduce in as a process.

We had a recent visit from the head office in Moscow and discussed the results obtained with DUST/BLOKR®. It was perceived as a definite cost savings and definite improvement idea for our production.  Treating our roads would permit us to get going much sooner after heavy rain due to the fact that its stabilizing effect would allow us to maintain the proper profiling and allow rainwater to run off. Quicker drying would occur, resulting in increased production.

We are presently looking at completing our mixing tank to allow for a more efficient and effective means of applying DUST/BLOKR® throughout the vast areas needing treatment.

I would also like to confirm that I will be travelling to Canada in early June and will be able to attend the MassMine Conference in Sudbury, Ontario as per your invitation to discuss further on your full product range.

Please feel free to use this letter as reference if you so wish.

We look forward in doing business with your company.

Best Regards,


Mr. Mike Proulx, Aciting Mine Manager
SMD Lefa Gold
Guinea, West Africa”

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