DUST/BLOKR®, a ‘Hole in One’ at Bel Acres Golf & Country Club

DUST/BLOKR used for golf course dust control at Bel Acres Golf Course

DUST/BLOKR used for golf course dust control at Bel Acres Golf Course


DUST/BLOKR® for Golf Course Dust Control

Bel Acres Golf & Country Club is an 18 hole championship golf course just outside of Winnipeg, MB, Canada. The course, staffed and operated by Canadian PGA professionals, sees thousands of golfers per season, and hosts dozens of tournaments per year. One of the city’s highest rated golf courses, Bel Acres sees a heavy amount of traffic year-to-year.

During the 2017 season, Bel Acres purchased a new fleet of top end golf carts to bolster the club’s already top-notch array of facility services. Going the extra mile, the club tasked Cypher Environmental to treat their cart paths and service/access roads with DUST/BLOKR®  in order to provide road stability and dust control –thus extending the life of the new carts and improving their golfers’ experience.


“Having recently purchased a new fleet of golf carts, we wanted to ensure that we would see an extended lifespan on our investment. The treated paths have exhibited excellent properties during and after rain, as well as hot, dry and windy weather. Moreover, the treated roads have been more forgiving to our carts and equipment.”

James Chapman
PGA of Canada Class A Golf Professional
General Manager/Director of Golf
Bel Acres Golf & Country Club



Golf Course Dust Suppression


A few weeks following the application of DUST/BLOKR®, Cypher Environmental hosted our first annual golf tournament at Bel Acres and received a host of compliments from the tournament attendees, golf course staff, as well as some of the patrons sharing the course. The benefit of dust control on the golf course kept the carts clean and added to the golfers’ enjoyment of the day.


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