Better Roads. Better Bottom Line. Better Planet.
The Only High-Performance Dust Control & Soil Stabilization with Zero Environmental Impact
“Always do what's right.”

Cypher Environmental’s 4th Annual Charity Golf Tournament

After 4 years, Cypher’s Annual Charity Golf Tournament is back! Cypher Environmental will be donating 100% of the proceeds from the tournament fundraiser to Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre. The Wildlife Haven has been rehabilitating injured, sick and orphaned wildlife for their return to the wild since 1984. Located on 18 acres in Île des Chênes, Manitoba, the campus is home to a state of the art wildlife hospital and the Murray Education Centre. 

Join us on September 19th, 2023 at Glendale Golf and Country Club!


Check out our video compilation of some of our 2022 projects! Thank you to our Customers, Partners, Team and our Global Distributor Family for your hard work and dedication!



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Always Do What's Right.

Keep your roads safe while keeping the planet and your bottom line happy

As the global leader in environmental dust control and road stabilization solutions, we set the bar high.

ESG (Environmental Social Governance) and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) principles are at the core of every decision we make and we are proud to boast the tag line, “Always do what’s right.”

Using the Cypher Advantage 360 Formula, and our innovative

DUST/BLOKR® and ROAD//STABILIZR® products, we have successfully helped clients around the world complete projects in over 50 countries; while simultaneously reducing their OPEX (operational cost) and environmental footprint.

We continue to innovate and make strides in our mission to remove road-salt, and other toxic products from the earth and we stand behind our promise: Dramatically – Better Roads. Better Bottom Line. Better Planet. Period!

Mining Solutions

Municipal Solutions

Construction Solutions

Agriculture Solutions

Better Roads.

We know roads, it’s what we do best. Roads have been the lifeblood of communities around the world dating back to the Roman Empire, but that doesn’t mean they still need to be built in the same old-fashioned way. By pooling our collective genius, we have engineered easy-to-use products designed to successfully solve common and costly road and infrastructure challenges with ZERO impact on the environment.

Better Bottom Line.

Helping you better your bottom line is not only important to us, it’s our promise. How? By enhancing the engineering properties of your roads, you can reduce fuel consumption, increase tire life and reduce maintenance costs on vehicles. Not to mention substantial cost savings in maintaining treated roads. Entire communities benefit from enhanced roads which translates to more cost-effective transport of goods, technology and people while being kind to mother nature.

Better Planet.

With millions of kilometres of roads in existence today, there is no corner of the planet that is not impacted by their presence. Think about it, when a more sustainable approach is used to design and maintain these roads, a dramatically positive impact is created globally. With programs like Cypher Green Roads, we’re able to continually enhance and amplify sustainability efforts on a global basis.

Born out of our commitment to Environmental Social Governance (ESG) & Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Cypher Green Roads aims to give back by enhancing local roads and infrastructure in the communities in which our products are being used around the world.

Cypher Green Roads mandates that we donate substantial volumes of product and/or a portion of profit from a project to local communities in need; located near mines and large projects that are using Cypher products.

Better Roads. Happier Communities. Healthier Planet. Period.

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