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ROAD//STABILIZR® Mine Haul Road in Xilinhot, China Reduces Fuel Consumption by 17.4%—Saving Mining Operation Millions of Dollars

Application of ROAD//STABILIZR®® Road Building Technology in Field Management of Shengli Open-Pit Coal Mine Cypher was recently provided with an abstract…

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Adobe Blocks

Enzyme and Polymer Contributions and Improvements in Adobe Materials Mudbrick has become an important material in construction as environmental pollution…

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Capillary Rise Experiment – Enzyme Soil Stabilizers

Assessing the Effectiveness of an Enzyme Soil Stabilizer Red River valley soils are rich in clay and silt. While this…

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DUST/BLOKR® Liquid Concentrate – Lasting Dust and Erosion Control for Tailings Piles

DUST/BLOKR® Liquid Concentrate is a 100% environmentally friendly solution that is very effective for long term dust and erosion control…

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Bio-Stabilization of Unconsolidated Base Materials

Rural roads in southwestern Manitoba and across Canada suffer from chronic rapid deterioration requiring expensive ongoing maintenance. The current research…

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ROAD//STABILIZR® – Paving a New Way for Haul Road Construction

The use of environmentally friendly ROAD//STABILIZR® soil stabilizer can dramatically reduce costs associated with the construction and maintenance of new…

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