DUST/BLOKR® Liquid Concentrate – Lasting Dust and Erosion Control for Tailings Piles

DUST/BLOKR® Liquid Concentrate is a 100% environmentally friendly solution that is very effective for long term dust and erosion control for tailings piles consisting of any material. After application of the emulsion to the tailings, the water evaporates and the polymer particles pack closely together to form a continuous film. Moreover, the application of DUST/BLOKR® leads to the isolation of the polymer by the removal of water. In this way, DUST/BLOKR® transforms into a flexible polymer film. The ability of DUST/BLOKR® to coalesce into a durable, strong, water resistant film allows it to encapsulate all of the dust generating material to prevent it from becoming airborne particulates. Essentially the polymers are a binding agent; they bind to all solids they come into contact with, as well as binding to the other polymers in the mix. This forms a consolidated film or barrier that locks in all the soil and dust particles, ensuring that no dust is released as a result of wind.

The film is fully non-soluble and is therefore effective for long term erosion from water and will not run off in the rain. DUST/BLOKR® Liquid Concentrate will produce a high tensile strength film that is able to penetrate even fine and dense tailings and eliminate the potential dispersion of PM 10 dust particles (and smaller) that pose the biggest threat to human health and the environment from releases caused by wind-blown dust from tailings. This paper will go into further detail about how DUST/BLOKR® Liquid Concentrate utilizes its unique properties to provide long term results for an environmentally friendly approach to erosion and dust control of tailings.

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