Superior Dust Control

Cypher’s DUST/BLOKR® is a non-corrosive and environmentally-friendly alternative for roads salts capable of delivering superior dust control results.  Where as the impact of road salts such as magnesium chloride and calcium chloride are well known, DUST/BLOKR®’s unique formula pose no adverse impact to the environment.

DUST/BLOKR® is also a cost-competitive alternative to road salts as the product is delivered in a super concentrated state. Its semi-soluble nature also requires less frequent re-application over time and does not lose its efficiency in eliminating unwanted fugitive dust from unpaved roads of any soil type including gravel with heavy rainfall or dry spells.

The product is one of the only dust control products to be certified as meeting U.S. EPA Safer Product Standards.


Why choose DUST/BLOKR®?

Non-toxic, non-corrosive and U.S. EPA Safer Choice Certified
Will not cause corrosion to equipment or vehicles
Longer lasting results than typical chlorides
Easily mixed, applied and maintained
Rejuvenates with moisture
Applicable to a wide range of road and material types
Improved engineering properties of roads treated
Cost effective alternative for reducing OpEx and CapEx
Conforms to Boeing BSS7432 (D6-17487 Revision T)

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Applications & Uses

DUST/BLOKR® can deliver dramatically better dust suppression results for:

  • Haul Roads
  • Access/Secondary Roads
  • Underground Mine Roads
  • Tailing Piles
  • Municipal Roads
  • Parking Lots
  • Tarmacs, Runways & Helipads
  • Erosion Control

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use DUST/BLOKR® for dust suppression?

Cypher’s DUST/BLOKR® products are engineered to be highly effective, non-corrosive and environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional dust suppressants, offering superior dust control on unpaved roads of any material type. DUST/BLOKR® is applied using standard techniques; no specialized equipment is required. Once the solution is sprayed onto the road and allowed to cure, dust control is achieved immediately. Our products are weather-proof and long-lasting, requiring less frequent applications and reducing the need for road maintenance. DUST/BLOKR® is distributed in concentrated liquid or solid forms resulting in costs savings on logistics and transportation.

What are the benefits of DUST/BLOKR®?

There are numerous benefits associated with the DUST/BLOKR® product line including:
• Can be applied to unpaved roads comprised of any materials
• Non-corrosive, will not damage vehicles or equipment
• Non-toxic and environmentally-friendly; safe to be applied in environmentally-sensitive areas
• Road surface stabilization reducing maintenance and operating costs
• Weatherproof; highly effective in both wet and dry conditions
• Increased water resistance and does not get slippery when wet
• Applied using standard methods and equipment
• Distributed in concentrated liquid or solid forms allowing for easier and more efficient transport
• Conforms to Boeing BSS7432 specifications (D6-17487 Revision T)
• Certified and meets the U.S. EPA Safer Choice Standards


What kinds of roads is DUST/BLOKR® applicable for?

DUST/BLOKR® is a line of superior dust control products suitable for any unpaved roads or surfaces requiring dust suppression and erosion control. DUST/BLOKR® is effective on municipal roads, secondary roads, county roads, mine haul roads, access roads, runways, helipads, parking lots, driveways and a wide range of other applications that require dust suppression or temporary stabilization such as tailings piles, stockpiles, erosion control and open haulage situations.

How do you apply DUST/BLOKR®?

DUST/BLOKR® products are applied using standard road construction equipment and can be applied topically or mixed into the top 2-3” (50-75 mm) layer of the road surface. The products are diluted in water and applied to the road using a water truck with a spray bar. Mix-in applications can be completed during regularly scheduled road maintenance using a grader and compactor. Product is applied once the top layer is loosened to repair wash-boarding and potholes. DUST/BLOKR® will not harm the equipment used for the application. The products are non-corrosive and can be easily rinsed off. The wash water can even be used for additional dust control on road shoulders or maintenance yard parking lots.

Is DUST/BLOKR® effective on all material types?

Yes, DUST/BLOKR® products offer superior dust control on almost any material type. Application rates will vary depending on material type and traffic conditions.

How long will DUST/BLOKR® last?

DUST/BLOKR® products are seasonal dust control solutions designed to reduce the frequency of treatments compared to traditional dust suppressants. Some variables that may affect the longevity of an application would be the application rate used, type of material, type and amount of traffic and climatic conditions.

Will DUST/BLOKR® have any adverse effects on the vehicles used to apply it?

No, DUST/BLOKR® will not have any adverse effects on either the vehicles used to apply the product or the vehicles using the road. DUST/BLOKR® is Boeing Certified meaning the products are non-corrosive. Additionally, DUST/BLOKR eliminates harmful dust from becoming airborne and having an abrasive effect on the moving parts of vehicles and equipment using the road. Click here to view the SDS.

Why use a dust control product?

Dust control is used to minimize the risks involved with the generation and movement of dust particles emanating from any trafficked unpaved surfaces. Dust also represents the fines that are the essential binders that maintain the strength and stability of an unpaved surface and help to lock down the aggregate road. It is estimated that for every vehicle traveling one mile of unpaved roadway once a day, every day for a year, one ton of dust is deposited along a corridor extending 500 feet out on either side of the road. This dust poses a threat to human health through inhalation into the lungs, as well as a threat to the safety of the people using the road due to reduced visibility caused by thick clouds of dust. This dust also damages nearby crops and road-side vegetation. The creation of dust is also quite costly because it represents significant annual losses in fine soil material and can cause damage via abrasion to moving parts of the vehicles traveling on the road. Applying dust suppressant/dust control products, such as DUST/BLOKR®, will help to minimize these threats and provide a much safer, healthier road environment.

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