Cypher Environmental’s products have been used to build roads in more than 50 countries over 6 continents and we know that no two roads are the same. The composition, density, load-bearing strength and moisture content of all the pavement layers, as well as the regional climate and traffic loading affects how a road performs. Cypher takes all these factors into consideration when determining if our stabilization technology, ROAD//STABILIZR®, is a good fit. That’s why we conduct soil analyses for every road that we treat – no exceptions. Just like our tagline says, “Always do what’s right”, we want to ensure that all roads treated with our products are suitable.

“We don’t want to sell a product to [clients] if it’s not going to work. It doesn’t help anyone,” says Diana Nicholson, M.A.Sc., P.Eng, Director of Engineering at Cypher Environmental Ltd. “If the materials are suitable, then we can achieve long-term stability and strength in a road, anywhere from 10 years and up with a one-time application.”


The development of our clay-based soil stabilizer, ROAD//STABILIZR®, was conducted over several years and with extensive laboratory and field testing by our team of scientists, engineers, geologists and construction foremen. From the very beginning, we have built our business on research and development, continually testing and reformulating our products for optimal performance while ensuring that they have absolutely zero impact on the environment.

Our products are engineered specifically to solve common and costly road challenges and we are the only company of our kind that uses all-natural organic-based biodegradable ingredients to do so. “We would never make a product that we wouldn’t put in our own backyard,” says Todd Burns, CEO.

VP of Research and Development Dr. Teaghan Wellman conducts product research in the Cypher lab.

Cypher’s research laboratory located at our headquarters in Manitoba, Canada, allows us to conduct the comprehensive testing required to both develop products and test their effectiveness on varying road materials. Through soil analysis, we are able to determine the gains in engineering properties achievable as a result of treating roads with ROAD//STABILIZR®.

Our research sets the barometer to allow us to ensure superior results for our clients. We know roads and understand how to optimize the materials used to construct them. We oversee projects from beginning to end by conducting in-house soil testing for our Canadian customers or analyzing results received from labs around the world, prescribing the product application rate and method, and overseeing the construction in person. This is how we put our customers first and maintain both our core values with every product application as well as long-term relationships with our clients.

Geotechnical Specialist Riley Cram, M.Sc. performing semi-confined compression tests on local soil samples.

Geotechnical Specialist Riley Cram, M.Sc. performing semi-confined compression tests on local soil samples.


Prior to any project, we work closely with our customers to get the full picture of their site, including traffic conditions, types of road materials, and current challenges that need to be addressed such as aggregate loss, rutting and corrugation, potholes, blowouts, etc.  Standard soil analyses are completed on the materials to be used during construction for particle size, plasticity, and optimum moisture content.

Our team of experts reviews the analyses, considers the specific site details, and provides recommendations. Road materials that meet the minimum requirements for ROAD//STABILIZR® will benefit from significant enhancements to their engineering properties over the long term. We are still collecting data from roads that are performing as well today as they did when they were first constructed with a one-time application ten years ago.

ROAD//STABILIZR® studies have reported gains of over 300% in California Bearing Ratio (CBR), a reduction of over 60% in rolling resistance (the resistive force that is exerted on vehicles traveling on a road due to the deflection in the road), and a reduction of over 96% in swell capacity.

ROAD//STABILIZR® treated mining haul road located in China. ROAD//STABILIZR® treated road studies have reported increases in California Bearing Ratio (CBR) of over 300%.


Not only do we conduct our own extensive in-house testing, we also challenge ourselves with 3rd party analysis by partnering with educational institutions and engineering firms. For example, the University of Brandon showed significant improvements in road strength through their 4-year study on the challenging roads of the Canadian prairies. Engineering firm Eng-Tech, after thorough analysis, concluded that our products out-perform conventional construction methods.

Loaded gravel haul truck on Curries Landing Rd. Longevity studies conducted on prairie roads near Brandon, Manitoba have proved the effectiveness of ROAD//STABILIZR®.

We hold a competitive advantage that is unmatched within our industry. You will not find another company that cares so much about getting it right the first time and every time after that. As CEO Todd Burns explains, “we know that we can’t build a business with one-off projects. We build long-term relationships based on repeat business when our customers see consistently superior results. The first step is making sure they have the right variables present in the road to get the highest return on investment from our technologies.”


Soil analysis is always recommended to move forward with a ROAD//STABILIZR® application since we want to ensure our clients get the best results from the product. When we follow the correct steps, the results are remarkable.

If you’re ready to see superior results on your roads, speak with our experts today. What starts with a soil sample will turn into miles of stabilized roads and years of cost savings. Our engineers and technicians will be with you every step of the way.

Cypher Environmental is a leading global environmental solution provider for dust control and road stabilization. With ESG (Environmental Social Governance) and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) principles at the core of every decision we make, we proudly boast the tag line, “Always do what’s right.”.

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