Recently, Cypher Environmental retained ENG-TECH to provide a study to develop a design method and investigate the cost-effectiveness of the application of Cypher’s road stabilization product, ROAD//STABILIZR®, versus the conventional municipal grid road reconstruction and maintenance.

ENG-TECH specializes in providing geotechnical and environmental engineering, and materials testing services.

The completed report found that the ROAD//STABILIZR® constructed road required less maintenance, provided improved performance and the capital cost was 12% less than a conventionally constructed road.

This cost-savings would allow the government or municipality to build 12% more road with 25% less gravel, or allocate that money and resources to other areas.

ROAD//STABILIZR® has been utilized in road applications across the world.

Our road stabilization product is made up of enzymes, electrolytes, and surfactants that work with the clay component of the road material to increase stability. The road then becomes denser and the clay binds together to increase the CBR value and reduce swell.

When the CBR value is higher, the thickness of the sub-layer of the road decreases. Together, this results in substantially decreased road maintenance and gravel usage. When using ROAD//STABILIZR® on your road application, you end up spending less money on hauling, placing, and buying gravel.

ENG-TECH completed this report and submitted Cypher Environmental’s ROAD//STABILIZR® for an award at the 21st Annual Awards of Excellence in Consulting Engineering Gala, by ACEC-MB.

For more information see the full report here.

If you’re interested in getting our environmentally friendly and cost-effective road stabilization product contact us here.


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