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June 24, 2021 – Economic Development Winnipeg recently featured Cypher Environmental in an article about our road to success through cleantech innovation titled “Cypher Environmental’s road to success begins with cleantech innovation”.

Cypher Environmental has a history of being a cleantech innovation industry pioneer when it comes to eco-friendly products to control dust on roads, but five years ago, the company’s R&D team stepped up its efforts. The result was a made-in-Manitoba product making a positive global impact for companies and the environment.

“We knew we were competing in very price-sensitive industries and needed a lower-cost product to capture more market share. DUST/BLOKR® (formerly Dust Stop®) was created to help us do that and has been successful in helping us to grow revenues and market penetration into new markets worldwide,” says Todd Burns, CEO of Cypher Environmental.

Cypher’s Vice President of R&D, Dr. Teaghan Wellman, joined forces with a team from Red River College to develop the latest version of DUST/BLOKR through funding from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) Engage project. DUST/BLOKR can be applied using the same equipment and techniques as salt and other products that are used to minimize the amount of dust on dirt roads, but it’s more environmentally friendly and affordable.

DUST/BLOKR been used on everything from dirt roads leading to the film sets to golf courses and a variety of industries across more than 50 countries and every continent except Antarctica. But Burns says connections are being made right now that may add that continent next to Cypher’s list as well.

You can continue to read the full article here.

Written by: Eleanor Coopsammy


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