Meet our Vice President of Research and Development

Teaghan Wellman started at Cypher Environmental as a research specialist after earning her bachelors of Science, post baccalaureate in QA/QC, and Masters degree in Science. She quickly grew with Cypher and after a few years, landed the Director of Research and Development. Now, Teaghan has earned her role as Vice President of Research and Development.

“As Vice President of R&D, I find myself in all facets of the organization; from quality to product development,” says Wellman. “I spend significant time in the lab researching new and innovative ways to improve upon our product lines and develop new technologies to mitigate environmental contamination.”

Wellman’s role at Cypher is helping her vision for the company come to life. She hopes to see Cypher Environmental expand in terms of out-reach and manufacturing capacity, but also see Cypher’s mentality and technologies continue to reach global populations.

She says the best thing about working at Cypher Environmental is the culture and mission. Cypher has become a social change agent that strives to influence environmental practices around the globe. Wellman believes it’s this mission that nurtures the culture at Cypher and binds everyone together as a global team of individuals with common visions and goals.

Cypher‘s culture is a unique and diverse network of global partnerships. They are a close group who share common visions, goals, and missions that seek to create influence in shifting the worlds outlook on sustainable and environmental practices. It’s that mission that brings them together, regardless of their geographical location.

“Entering into a place of work that has such vast vision allows for expansive growth, a creative mindset, and propels the innovation required to influence change.”

Outside of work, you might find Teaghan painting, participating in all types of physical activity, or working on her Doctorate of Business Administration. Her vision for change is what motivates her to stay so busy.

“It’s exciting to be a part of such an instrumental change initiative that creates lasting impressions on the ways we view and treat our environment, says Wellman.” To be a small part of such a movement is inspiring and motivates me to remain engaged and innovative.”

Creatively influencing people’s mindset who don’t view environmental problems as degrading are Wellman’s biggest challenge at work.

Teaghan’s tips for success are to always remain humble and listen. Humility paired with genuine intent enables people to receive the feedback required for growth — this allows shared success while remaining focused and eager to move forward.

“Humility paired with active listening are the true keys to success. It is easy to embrace and overindulge from the fruits of success,” says Wellman. “However, humility halts this behaviour and creates distance from this self-indulging trap.”

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