5 Tips to put into practice for World Water Day

Did you know that a recent case study by one of our international mining clients suggested an 85% reduction in water consumption for dust control after using Dust Stop? That equates to millions of liters of water saved annually! We are very proud to be able to support our clients in their water reduction goals through the use of our technologies, and what better time to share this than World Water Day! 

It’s World Water Day and we want to share tips on how everyone can help to reduce the environmental impacts of regular water usage in our day-to-day lives.

  1. Become aware of your water usage at home.

Little things can add up to big changes. Not letting the tap run while brushing your teeth, taking shorter showers, and installing low flow products throughout your home help to reduce water usage, as well as your water bill.

  1. Learn about your water footprint and how it plays a part in the things you consume.

How much is used to produce our food, the energy we use, and to create the goods we use (clothes, furniture, vehicle, etc.)? This all adds up to make our water footprint. You can use a water calculator like watercalculator.org to get a general idea of how much water goes into the things we use/consume on a regular basis.

  1. Build a rain barrel to help protect freshwater resources.

Building a rain barrel is a great investment that helps capture stormwater and conserves freshwater resources. You can use it to water your plants/garden and can help to reduce erosion and flooding caused by stormwater runoff.

  1. Look into contributing to charities that provide communities access to clean drinking water.

Water.org or charitywater.org are initiatives that help to provide communities in need with access to clean drinking water. Get more info on their sites to find out how their contributions are providing solutions to the current water crisis.

  1. Create awareness by sharing helpful posts or articles, like this one!

Sharing is caring and the best way to utilize information is to pass it along to those you know. We want to set the example to always do what’s right and highly encourage others to do the same.

Cypher Environmental keeps the world in mind, every step of the way: when deciding on what goes into our products and how it’s transported, to our local and international partners. Our eco-friendly dust control and soil stabilization products not only help to reduce haul truck fuel costs and CO2 emissions, but also greatly reduces water used to create/maintain roads. You can find out more about our line of products here.

Let us know any other ways we can all help to conserve water and positively contribute to the well-being of our environment.

“The Earth is what we all have in common.” – Wendell Berry

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