Why is our Name Cypher Environmental?

Cypher: a secret way of writing; a code. It’s no secret that we’ve found a cost-effective way to control dust and stabilize soil, but that code is always changing to be more innovative. Cypher Environmental has been our name for over a decade, and our motivation behind the name has stayed the same.

The word “environmental” is in our name for a reason. Our commitment to the environment starts at our head office and extends across the globe with our distributors. All of our products are composed of natural and environmentally-friendly ingredients, but we’re also creating solutions to a lot of environmental problems that exist in the world today.

Here are five solutions to help save the environment at work:


  • Reduce water consumption by using Dust Stop to control dust


Many mining companies operate 24/7 and only use water for dust control. Depending on the climate and the current temperature, spraying water to control dust might only last for 10-30 minutes, so frequent reapplication is necessary.

This is a huge drain on water resources — especially in places where freshwater is a scarcity.


  •  Cut down on fuel consumption with EarthZyme


When you use high-quality products like EarthZyme, your roads become very stable, so maintenance vehicles aren’t required to constantly re-work the road surface. Keeping these maintenance vehicles off the road, such as graders, further reduces fuel consumption and greenhouse gas production. EarthZyme also controls dust, reducing water consumption for dust control.

Another bonus of using EarthZyme is reducing rolling resistance. Huge gains in fuel efficiency are found in heavy equipment used to haul loads on industrial roads after EarthZyme has been applied due to the reductions in rolling resistance that are produced.


  • Cut down on fuel consumption with Dust Stop


If mining companies are solely using water to control dust, not only are they using a lot of unnecessary water, but huge amounts of fuel used to propel the water trucks. By using a more effective dust suppressant, these water trucks can remain parked, drastically reducing fuel consumption while simultaneously reducing the amount of water consumed to eradicate the dust.

Cypher Environmental’s products like EarthZyme and Dust Stop end up saving you money in multiple ways, including a reduction in your operating expenses (OPEX). For example, in an open pit mine, it has been said that nearly 50% of operating costs can be attributed to haulage costs. By enhancing the engineering properties of roads treated with Cypher’s products, significant reductions in maintenance requirements can be achieved, which when combined with the reductions in rolling resistance already mentioned, equate to huge savings as compared to hauling on roads before treatment, most of which is attributed to less fuel being consumed!


  • Conserve valuable raw material inputs with EarthZyme 


EarthZyme allows for the use of marginal clay-based materials — which is normally thought of as waste by most road-building or engineering standards. Most roads are constructed with close to pure aggregates. The use of EarthZyme allows for the replacement of some of these aggregates with lower cost clay-based materials, resulting not only in the savings of valuable raw materials (aggregates) but a substantial reduction in material costs as well.


  • Replace the use of highly toxic and corrosive dust suppressants like magnesium and calcium-chloride with Dust Stop


Dust Stop is completely environmentally-friendly. It’s composed of all-natural sugars, starches and minerals with no adverse effect on the environment or corrosive properties. Dust Stop can be used around environmentally sensitive areas, like the Pierre Elliot Trudeau International Airport in Montreal.

On the other hand, chloride-based products are considered highly corrosive and have been proven to cause rust on vehicles and equipment, are harmful to roadside vegetation and pollute ground-water. Dust Stop has none of these negative environmental side-effects!

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