Our Commitment to the Environment

Corporate Mandate

We have a clear corporate mandate at Cypher Environmental: ensure all of our products are designed to solve environmental issues present in communities and industries worldwide.

To achieve that goal, our products must be manufactured using only environmentally friendly, non-toxic and sustainable inputs. We source the raw materials we utilize with as much local content as possible, and all finished goods that Cypher ships are in concentrated form. This reduces shipping costs, related fuel burn and GHG production accordingly.

Corporate Social Investment Strategy 

Most companies refer to a Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy, but we like to see these donations and involvement in local charities as an investment in our community. While our products make a positive environmental impact, we also want to give back to the community through reinvestment of some of our proceeds into local charities and non-profits.  In the past, we have supported a variety of charities, listed below, because we believe in promoting positive initiatives in our own backyard.

  •       The Purple Party
  •       The Manitoba Envirothon by sponsoring Shaftesbury High School
  •       JDRF
  •       The Dream Factory
  •       The Wildlife Haven Rehabilitation Centre

We try to spread out our investments in initiatives that help improve the lives of both people and animals living nearby.

The Cypher Environmental Team

The entire team gets a say in the initiatives we support. It’s essential to allow all team members to have a say in how we reinvest back into the community.  As a result, we feel our team has a higher level of worker satisfaction than in other organizations that do not make community involvement a part of their mandate.

Around The Office 

You won’t find any single-use coffee pods at our office  — we even compost our coffee grinds!

The paper we use is eco-friendly, and Forest Stewardship Council certified. Our printers are always set to print double-sided, reducing paper consumption, and we recycle all applicable materials with recycling bins found in our office and warehouse and production areas.

These might sound like a few extra steps, but once our environmentally friendly policies were in place and clearly defined, it makes it easy for the team to follow them. These changes don’t happen overnight, and it takes time and commitment to see them through — but it’s worth it!

 What’s Coming Up Next? 

Cypher Environmental is in the process of ISO 14001 and 9001 audits, further committing to reducing our environmental impact.

The ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 are international standards that specify requirements for an effective environmental management system and a quality management system. These provide a framework to follow and allow us to show that Cypher Environmental can consistently deliver products that meet customer and regulatory requirements. A significant driver behind the acquisition of the ISO 14001 series is to show that we have committed to minimizing our impact on the environment, and we hope this encourages other companies to do the same.

Leading By Example

All we can do is try to set the bar high for other companies in our industry and community and hope that others will follow! A significant part of the Annual Distributors Meeting is to showcase our mandate to our distributors and expect that they will adopt a similar organizational culture to help minimize their environmental impact in their communities.

Once companies adopt a philosophy that regulates the impact they have on the environment, it creates a morale boost for all team members, helping to improve productivity daily and creates a win-win scenario where all parties benefit: the community, the company and our customers!

Our Message

Committing to the environment all starts with vision and strategy at the management level. Give the team a chance to weigh in on the policies being set to help to create a greater sense of belonging and contribution. When the team gets involved, that expands the adoption of the philosophies being implemented. Once management buys in, truly believes in the philosophy, and acts as the trendsetters, it’s easy to get buy-in from the entire team!

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