Operating expenses add up quickly.  While Cypher Environmental’s products were made with the environment in mind, we know that cutting costs is an important part of running a business. That’s why our products are designed not only to help reduce environmental footprint but also help reduce operating costs for our industrial clients with heavily used roads, such as mine haul roads.

ROAD//STABILIZR® works to stabilize your roads, while DUST/BLOKR® controls dust generated by the road and provides stabilization properties as a side effect. When you use one or both products you can reduce your expenses significantly.

Businesses are constantly being squeezed by increased expenses, so controlling your costs is of growing importance.  Here are a few examples of ways to decrease your operating costs by using our products!

1. Reduce your rolling resistance by operating on stabilized roads

  • Harder roads with less deflection can mean getting from point A to point B faster, which leads to an increase in cycle time efficiency on industrial haul roads.
  • Reductions in rolling resistance and deflection also mean less energy required to transport that same load from point A to point B, therefore reducing fuel consumption of haul trucks and helping to improve fuel efficiency overall of your fleet.

2. Create reliable, safe roads with fewer maintenance needs

  • Not only do you need to maintain the roads less, but the same goes for your maintenance vehicles too — reduced grading frequency and parked maintenance vehicles save you big bucks!
  • When you use DUST/BLOKR® and ROAD//STABILIZR® often mines are able to reduce the need for required assets for road maintenance due to the point above, helping to minimize capital costs/assets.
  • With significantly reduced dust, operators will have a much more clear line of sight, leading to fewer accidents.

3. Reduce labour costs

  • Cycle time efficiency and less parked vehicles reduce your manpower demands.
  • You will also require fewer operators and labourers who maintain the equipment.

4. Consume less fuel

  • Due to the reduced rolling resistance and maintenance requirements, overall fuel demand and usage is significantly reduced.
  • This is great for your operating expenses AND the environment!

5. Increase tire life

  • Tires are a huge annual cost, so when you improve road conditions, it improves tire life.  Another major benefit of using Cypher Environmental’s products!

6. Save water

  • Many companies are simply using water to control dust – this is their most significant operating expense in terms of road maintenance.
  • According to the World Wildlife Foundation, with current water consumption rates, by 2025, two-thirds of the world’s population may face water shortages. Already, 1.1 billion people don’t have access to clean water and many water systems that nourish the population and keep ecosystems thriving are becoming stressed.

7. Reduce dust

  • Less dust means fewer filter changes on your equipment and replacing moving parts less frequently.
  • Less dust in the air means less dust being ingested by operators, leading to reduced risks of potential silicosis and other airborne diseases.
  • Improved visibility due to reduced dust concentrations means haul trucks can move at a faster speed, helping to reduce cycle times and improve productivity.

8. Ship less

  • ROAD//STABILIZR® and DUST/BLOKR® are more concentrated than the competitor’s product. By the time you get the product to your site, you have already saved money on logistical costs.

Not only do these products help your operating costs, but they also cut down your carbon footprint. If you want to know more about our dust control products you can read more on DUST/BLOKR® and ROAD//STABILIZR® on our website, or contact us here.

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