Road Solutions for Mining

Road Solutions for Mining


Your mine haul roads are assets.

Haul roads play a crucial role in mining operations, serving as arteries that connect the various parts of the mine and facilitating the movement of materials, equipment, and personnel. If you are not recognizing these haul roads as assets, you are missing out on opportunities to protect your operation and significantly reduce your costs. 

One common theme to haul roads around the world is the fact that they are unpaved.  With the heavy traffic and loads that these roads must support, it would make sense to pay attention to the strength and stability of the road surface as well as controlling fugitive dust. One added concern with fugitive dust is the risk of environmental impact, as it can pose health risks when inhaled over a prolonged period of time, create dangerous driving conditions due to reduce visibility, speeding up equipment wear and tear and reducing equipment performance as well as causing adverse environmental impacts from soil erosion, air pollution and ecosystem disturbance.

Therefore, failure to control dust not only increases the environmental impact but will also hamper the mine’s productivity. This directly affects operational expenses (OPEX), especially considering that haulage costs can make up to 35 – 40% of total expenditures for an open-pit mine.


Failure to control dust not only increases the mine’s environmental impact, it can also hamper its productivity. This has a direct impact on your OPEX, given that haulage costs can make up to 35 – 40% of total expenditures for an open pit mine.


So you see – ignoring your roads’ performance can be a very costly mistake.


Road Solutions for Mining

Introducing Cypher Environmental – a leading provider of advanced road solutions for the mining sector. Our approach prioritizes environmental sustainability without compromising on results. Through innovative technologies, we are able to elevate the engineering properties of haul roads to unprecedented levels, resulting in significant cost reductions and improved performance metrics for our mining clients.

This translates into a healthier bottom line while maintaining environmental stewardship.

Yet, our commitment to innovation extends far beyond the confines of our lab. It is ingrained in our organizational ethos, driving us to pursue impactful initiatives that transcend mere business objectives. Our Cypher Green Roads program is an example of this commitment, facilitating improved community relations for our mining partners. These core values are deeply integrated into our CSR and ESG strategies, reinforcing our dedication to aligning with the broader goals of our clients worldwide.

If you seek to decrease your OPEX while minimizing your environmental footprint, download our “Top 3 Costly Mistakes” brochure to discover how you can adopt a more sustainable approach to mining.


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