Red River College Partnership on New Eco-Friendly Product Launch

Cypher Environmental and Red River College are marking the launch of a new product line developed by Cypher in collaboration with RRC students

Cypher’s new DUST/BLOKR®  product is designed as a non-corrosive and environmentally friendly alternative to road salts such as magnesium chloride and calcium chloride, offering superior road dust control results.

“Cypher’s new product is a perfect example of how Red River College partners with industry to foster innovation right here in Manitoba. It’s a real success story, as students and faculty worked on this project, our facilities were used, and both the Cypher president and company staff are College graduates.”Paul Vogt, RRC President

The product was launched today at an event attended by provincial Minister of Sustainable Development Cathy Cox, along with a delegation of political representatives from the Belarusian province of Mogilev, who’ve shown interest in the product.

Winnipeg Free Press Business reporter Martin Cash did an excellent write-up about the partnership and event.

Earlier in the day, RRC took the delegation on a tour of the campus facilities used to develop the DUST/BLOKR® .

“We have been working hard on getting this new product up and running, and we’re very excited to be able to officially launch. This product will create new jobs and revenue for the province of Manitoba and we have a growing international market to cater to.”Todd Burns, President of Cypher Environmental

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