Cypher DUST/BLOKR® Products as Compared to Road Salts

While there are a variety of competitive products on the market, especially here in North America, most do no possess the same environmental qualities that our Cypher DUST/BLOKR® products can attest to.  Other alternatives in the product category are road salts, more specifically and primarily Magnesium Chloride, followed closely by Calcium Chloride, both of which are highly corrosive products. The main attraction to these products is their low cost, which is admittedly lower than the options Cypher provides. However as time goes on and environmental issues become more and more in public view, customers are more willing to pay a slight premium for an environmentally / non-corrosive product.

Advantages of DUST/BLOKR® Over Road Salt Products

Studies have shown that de-icing salt damage is not limited to areas immediately adjoining roadways but also to architectural metals and other construction materials.  Seasonal de-icing salt accumulations have been documented to affect areas up to 1.9 km (or 1.2 miles) from roadways and buildings even as high up as the 59th floor.  Whether you’re located in Asia, Europe, Americas, or New Zealand, deicing salt exposure is a possibility and it is important to keep the negative effects of deicing salts in mind when you are looking for dust control options for your project.

At Cypher Environmental, we are proud to offer environmentally friendly solutions and alternatives and will be increasing our efforts to lobby to get the use of these corrosive products regulated.  It is also of value to us to provide products that can be applied across industries.  Our products have been found to be highly attractive alternatives to the mining industry, not to mention the forestry industry, agriculture, air strips and heli-pads and applications done in sensitive environmental areas or with expensive equipment using the roads.

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