The Trouble with Road Dust

As of 2003, as much as 70% of the 3.9 million miles of roadway in the United States were unpaved. These unpaved roads are responsible for more than 10 million tons of particulate matter emissions each year. There are dangers to unwanted fugitive dust -these particles can become lodge in the respiratory area where they can cause severe irritation when inhaled. Smaller particles (particles that are 2.5 microns or smaller) can go even deeper into the human respiratory system and into the lungs where they can cause damage to the epithelial cells. These small particles may even be passed into the blood stream.

Aside from health concerns for those living near or come into contact with unpaved roads, there are also impact to the surrounding environment and ecosystem.  Water clarity can decline, which affects the wildlife and plant life that depend on the water source.

Cypher Environmental’s DUST/BLOKR® products are 100% environmentally friendly and provide effective dust suppression on these unpaved roads. Both DUST/BLOKR® products have long lasting effects and can withstand heavy loads and frequent traffic.

To learn more on the effect of fugitive road dust, read this article by NCBI Down with Road Dust.

Learn more about Cypher Environmental’s DUST/BLOKR® productsDUST/BLOKR® Liquid Concentrate and DUST/BLOKR® Powder.

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