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All Dust Stop® products are environmentally friendly, non-toxic and noncorrosive, while providing enhanced engineering properties for road surfaces. Choose from two options in the Dust Stop line of products, each of which is engineered to solve a specific dust control challenge.

Applying Dust Stop® to unpaved roads will lower maintenance costs and provide overall operational cost savings. Dust Stop® is effective on any type of unpaved surfaces requiring dust or erosion control—not only roads but also stockpiles, tailings piles and slopes.

Dust Stop® is mixed with water and applied topically to the road or soil, or lightly mixed into the top few inches for longer lasting results and increased road stability. Once the film dries on the road, it provides lasting dust control by binding all the soil materials together.

Why Use Dust Stop®?

Traditional dust control products have a range of side effects that have a negative impact on the environment, such as the use of chloride-based road salts, which are highly corrosive, cause rust on vehicles and machinery and can be harmful to roadside vegetation.

All Dust Stop products are made with environmentally friendly inputs that have no adverse effect on the environment. Our solutions have been designed to withstand heavy traffic, such as on mining haul roads, while also being cost-effective for suppressing dust on secondary roads for counties and municipalities with limited road maintenance budgets.

Dust Stop products are applied using standard equipment and techniques, making them easy for customers to use worldwide, whether they’re applied to a community road, a haul road in a dust-control project or a tailings pile at a mining operation.

How to Apply Dust Stop®

To apply Dust Stop® topically, add water to a water truck and then add Dust Stop®. Applications and dilution rates are based on average or typical situations. However, due to varying conditions, you may need to alter application rates and procedures, based on variables in your own road environment.

For topical road applications, traffic should remain off the road for a short period of time after application to allow the product to penetrate the surface. Drying time will vary, based on local soil and weather conditions. If possible, apply product to only one lane at a time so traffic does not need to be stopped or rerouted.

Make sure to consult with your local Cypher representative before attempting your first Dust Stop application. You’ll receive information on optimal application rates and procedures to ensure a successful result.
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Dust Stop® is available in two highly concentrated liquid forms

Benefits of Dust Stop®

  • Environmentally friendly alternative for dust control on heavy- or light-traffic roads
  • Long lasting, high-tensile strength of cured film allows for durability even with higher volumes and weights of traffic
  • Reduced road maintenance, minimized losses from fines and less need for re-sheeting
  • Saves on vast amounts of water in mining and other industries that use water only as a dust suppressant on roads
  • Easy to apply, non-corrosive and won’t damage water trucks, graders or other road maintenance equipment
  • Penetrates even well-compacted road base materials, yielding longer lasting results
  • Increased CBR (California Bearing Ratio) of the treated road results in a more stable running surface
  • Reduces rolling resistance on mine haul roads, allowing for improved fuel efficiency for operating haul trucks
  • Suitable for haul roads, secondary roads, stock piles, tailings piles, rail cars and other erosion control applications

More About Dust Stop®

Dust Stop is available in two distinct forms to better meet the requirements of different dust control needs:

Dust Stop

was specifically designed for customers looking for a cost-competitive, yet non-corrosive alternative to products such as magnesium chloride and calcium chloride. The product features inputs that are all environmentally friendly binders and hardeners that offer enhanced dust control results for a variety of road dust suppression needs. Dust Stop can be used in even the most environmentally sensitive environments and is applicable to a wide range of road material types, offering a unique and proprietary solution for dust control that is applicable using standard equipment and techniques. Due to its concentrated form, Dust Stop offers an unrivalled solution for an extremely cost effective dust control method, worldwide.

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Dust Stop Liquid Concentrate

is a dust control product designed with ease of application and long lasting dust suppression results in mind. Perfectly suited for the mining industry or any other highly travelled roads, Dust Stop Liquid Concentrate can penetrate even the hardest packed soils and withstand even the weight of heavy haul trucks. Its unique formula is able to provide unparalleled dust control while being extremely cost effective over the long term. Due to its liquid form, Dust Stop Liquid Concentrate is extremely easy to mix and apply, creating a highly flexible film once cured on the road. The highly concentrated formulation of the product allows it to be mixed with several parts water prior to its application and is applicable to any soil type. Dust Stop Liquid Concentrate binds all the soil materials together to form a dust-free barrier resulting in the ideal dust control solution for haul roads, tailings piles, and a number of other dust control needs

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