DUST/BLOKR® Receives Boeing Certification Following Stringent Testing

DUST/BLOKR receives boeing certification


Did you know that Cypher Environmental first received Boeing certification for DUST/BLOKR®, our dust suppression product in 2017?

After a rigorous set of tests conducted by Scientific Material International, DUST/BLOKR® received certification for conforming to Boeing BSS7432 (D6-14787). Scientific Material International is the industry leader in aerospace materials testing. This Boeing certification ensures that DUST/BLOKR® has no harmful effects when introduced to sensitive aircraft materials, making it suitable for use on aircraft runways and service roads. The testing included the following:


Sandwich Corrosion Test

The Sandwich Corrosion Test evaluates the corrosiveness of aircraft maintenance chemicals when present between the faying surfaces (sandwich) of aluminum alloys that are commonly used for aircraft structures. The Sandwich Corrosion Test was conducted in accordance with ASTM F1110. This test method is intended to be used in the qualification and approval of compounds employed in aircraft maintenance operations.


Acrylic Crazing Test

Conducted in accordance with ASTM F484, this test determines the crazing effect a liquid or semi-liquid test compound has on transparent acrylic plastic material under bending stress.


Paint Softening Test

In accordance with ASTM F502, this test assesses the effects of cleaning solutions and liquid cleaner concentrates on painted aircraft surfaces. It visually identifies streaking, discoloration, and blistering, and determines paint softening using a series of specially prepared pencils.


Hydrogen Embrittlement Test

Following ASTM F519, this test detects potential hydrogen embrittlement of steel parts during manufacture. It ensures strict control during production operations like surface preparation, pretreatments, and plating/coating. It is also used as a qualification test for new processes and as a periodic inspection audit.


DUST/BLOKR – an Environmentally Friendly, Non Corrosive Dust Suppressant for Aviation

Due to the sensitive nature of the lightweight materials used in aircrafts, stringent standards are paramount for products that come into direct contact with aircraft. This includes essential items such as cleaners, de-icing products, and lubricants. This rigorous requirements extend beyond just these direct contact products. Any products applied to runways, service roads, helipads, tarmacs, and landing strips must also meet these strict criteria. This is because these surfaces are frequently exposed to aircraft and can transfer contaminants or chemicals that may affect the aircraft’s integrity and performance.

The certification of DUST/BLOKR® is a testament to its safety and efficacy in such a demanding environment. This certification confirms that DUST/BLOKR® is not only safe for use around delicate and sensitive aircraft materials but also ensures that it does not adversely affect maintenance vehicles, haul trucks, service vehicles, and other heavy-duty equipment. This versatility and safety make DUST/BLOKR® an ideal solution for a wide range of applications beyond aviation, including mining haul roads, municipal roads, logging roads, equipment storage lots, construction sites, and access/secondary roads.

Receiving this certification highlights DUST/BLOKR®’s commitment to maintaining the highest standards of safety and performance, ensuring it can be trusted in both aviation and other critical industries where dust suppression and material preservation are essential.

To read the full Boeing Certification Abstract, click below:

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