Forging a Sustainable Future: Our Commitment to Eco-Conscious Dust Control

eco-conscious dust control


In a world increasingly concerned about environmental sustainability, every industry is striving to reduce its ecological and carbon footprint. Road construction and dust control are no exceptions. Dust control, while essential for maintaining road safety and cleanliness, has historically posed environmental challenges. In fact, many dust suppressant products on the market today, including those that are magnesium-chloride or calcium chloride-based, are harmful to the environment.

However, innovative companies are now pioneering eco-conscious dust control solutions that can effectively manage fugitive dust while preserving our planet’s health.

At Cypher Environmental, we take immense pride in our commitment to environmental sustainability. Our mission is to provide top-notch dust control solutions while prioritizing eco-friendly practices. In this post, we’ll delve into the importance of eco-conscious dust control and how our company leads the charge in paving the way for a greener, cleaner future.


The Impact of Dust Control on the Environment

Dust control measures are critical for various industries, particularly mining, construction, forestry, aviation and agriculture. However, traditional methods often involve harmful chemicals that are environmentally destructive. The environmental consequences include soil degradation, water contamination, and air quality deterioration, which can harm whole ecosystems as well as human health.


Why Choose Environmentally Friendly Dust Control?

At Cypher Environmental, we understand the significance of minimizing the environmental impact of dust control measures. Our environmentally friendly solutions prioritize the use of organic, non-corrosive and non-toxic materials that effectively control dust without harming the environment.


An Eco-Friendly Approach to Dust Control



  1. Natural Dust Suppressants: We utilize eco-friendly, natural products derived from organic materials to suppress dust effectively. These solutions are biodegradable, ensuring they do not harm the soil or nearby water sources. 
  2. Water Conservation: Our proprietary dust control product, DUST/BLOKR® replaces the need for water as a method of dust suppression.  Depending on the location, climate and requirements of a job site, water could be applied multiple times a day to suppress dust. This not only preserves this precious resource but also minimizes runoff that can carry pollutants into surrounding areas. In the case of Shengli mine, the mining company was able to reduce its water consumption by as much as 85%+. 
  3. Reduced Shipping Costs and Carbon Footprint: DUST/BLOKR® is shipped in a concentrated form, only mixed with water at the application site. This not only reduces shipping costs but also reduces the amount of resulting carbon emissions generated during transport. 
  4. Continuous Research and Development: We are dedicated to staying at the forefront of environmentally friendly dust control. Our team actively engages in research and development to discover and implement new, sustainable technologies and methods. 

Our Commitment to a Sustainable Future

At Cypher Environmental, our dedication to environmental sustainability extends beyond our dust control and soil stabilization solutions. We strive to educate and raise awareness within our industry and the community about the importance of adopting eco-friendly practices. Through partnerships, collaborations, and continuous improvement, we aim to set a standard for environmentally responsible road management practices.


As environmental consciousness grows, the demand for sustainable solutions in every sector intensifies. At Cypher Environmental, we strive to be champions of environmental stewardship. By embracing eco-friendly practices, we demonstrate that effective dust control can go hand in hand with preserving our planet’s health. Join us in paving the way for a greener, cleaner future.

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