Road Solutions for Mining

If you’re not looking at the big picture regarding how your roads are an asset, you miss many opportunities to save money.  A common theme with all mining haul roads is that they are unpaved. Therefore one of the most relevant ongoing concerns is dust, which, if not managed correctly, will have a profound impact on overall environmental footprint and productivity. With haulage costs being as high as 50% of operating expenses for open-pit mines, ignoring your roads’ performance can be a very costly mistake.

At Cypher, we have the best road solutions for mining. We address these concerns in a way that has zero negative environmental impact. Our technologies enhance the engineering properties of haul roads to the point where our clients boast impressive stats on reduced costs and better performance across the board! It adds up to a better bottom line without sacrificing environmental priorities.

We also believe innovation doesn’t end in the lab. Our deep-rooted core values breed innovation elsewhere in the business. They have led to the development of some tremendous philanthropic endeavors, such as the Cypher Green Roads program, which helps our mining clients enhance community relations with their neighbours. These core values are entrenched in CSR and ESG strategies, and as a mining supplier, we pride ourselves on our ability to add to those same strategies of our client partners worldwide.

Let’s improve your roads and bottom line together!


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