BBE Distribution Agreement with Cypher Environmental

Innovative Soil Stabilizer and Dust Suppressant

EDMONTON: BBE Expediting’s Distribution business unit has signed an agreement to market and distribution Cypher Environmental’s line of eco-friendly products including DUST/BLOKR® and ROAD//STABILIZR®. These products provide an economical and sustainable option for dust control on roads, air strips, tailings and soil stabilization for erosion prone surfaces across the Territories.

“I am really excited to see BBE add Cypher’s product line to our distribution network,” stated Heather Stewart, President BBE, “Providing a reliable dust control in the North that is environmentally friendly is a win-win for communities and projects owners. We are also excited to be partnered with a Canadian firm innovating in this space and are looking forward to providing it to our customers.”

Cypher’s applications span industries including mining, civil construction, and aviation. This company has developed an impressive track record of success and is supported by innovation in Canada’s Arctic.

Todd Burns, President Cypher Environmental, “We have successfully sold and applied our products in over 40 countries worldwide, and want to ensure that we maintain a strong focus on the Canadian market. Therefore, we are really excited about our relationship with BBE and for the opportunity to make a big difference in helping to reduce the environmental footprint of communities in Northern Canada”.

At BBE, we are proud to have another great product within our distribution network that resonates with our customers and sub-distributors. This agreement aligns with BBE’s vision to provide top performing products and brands. Coupled with our logistics expertise, we can ensure reliable supply and delivery to our end customers.

For more information on DUST/BLOKR® and ROAD//STABILIZR® visit Cypher Environmental

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BBE Expediting Ltd (BBE) is a full-service supply chain company that started in the Canadian North four decades ago providing aviation, freight forwarding, supply chain, inventory management, distribution and procurement services. BBE is a management owned company and is a proud partner with Indigenous businesses across Canada.

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