Cypher Environmental and Brandon University’s, Dr. Hamid Mumin and Team Recognized for Research Efforts

To highlight the Anniversary of over 50 Brandon University (BU) researchers and several grad students being featured in the Research Connection section that is published regularly throughout the academic year,  and the 50th year of BU chartering as a University, a collected edition of Research Connections was published in the “It’s All Happening at BU” magazine.

The article features the ongoing research being conducted in partnership between Cypher Environmental and Dr. Hamid Mumin and his research team.  Read for yourself, the ongoing efforts to engineer and design roads in Canada using local clay-rich materials and how the continued research is putting an end to dangerous road conditions on unpaved roads.

We are pleased to have a positive, ongoing relationship with secondary institutes such as Brandon University and thank them for the professional and in-depth work they have done and continue to conduct.

CLICK HERE to see the article.

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