Cypher Talks to the Global Mining Community at MinExpo about Innovation

MinExpo, the largest global Mining Conference and Trade Show, took place in Las Vegas, USA, September 26th – 28th, 2016, and was well attended, despite some lagging volatility in the extraction industry. This year, MinExpo had an estimated visitors from around the world converge on Las Vegas to discuss common trends in the industry. Similar to other mining conferences that took place throughout the year, a common focus of discussion was on the environment and operational cost savings, both of which are paramount for sustainability in today’s modern mining era.

Suppliers and service providers to the mining industry are therefore constantly driven to stay innovative and develop new techniques and technologies to fall in line with these ongoing demands. Cypher took this opportunity to introduce its newest innovation to the mining industry, which keys in specifically on cost savings and solving environmental issues, namely its new DUST/BLOKR® product. While some might think that due to the name, DUST/BLOKR® is only for Municipal clients, nothing could be further from the truth, which is why Cypher chose to unveil the recently developed technology at MinExpo. The non-corrosive dust control product is also applicable on mine haul roads and access roads. Many mining clients still have the habit of using a highly corrosive and toxic road dust control product, referred to as Calcium Chloride (CaCl), Magnesium Chloride (MgCl), or known as Bischofite in South America, on much of their road networks. These products are used at the expense of the environment because they are cheap, therefore Cypher developed DUST/BLOKR® specifically to be a cost competitive, yet environmentally friendly alternative, to help alleviate the environmental damage being caused by the widespread use of chloride based road dust suppressants.

As a result, Cypher’s booth was flooded with interest from mining operations looking for environmentally friendly road dust control alternatives. The company thrives off of innovation, and by understanding the needs of the niche markets in which they operate, such as the mining industry, technologies have been developed specifically to meet those needs and offer alternative solutions. The introduction of DUST/BLOKR® in Las Vegas was a huge success and shows how powerful the role of innovation can be, in potentially capturing new market share within any given industry.

For more information on DUST/BLOKR® , please see here.

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