EarthZyme® Product Application

This section will cover the general outline for the application of all EarthZyme® products, a detailed application protocol can be provided by your Cypher representative.

Considering stabilization of existing roadbed, pavement first needs to be ripped to the desired depth of treatment. EarthZyme® soil stabilizer should then be applied into the soil as early as possible, pre-diluted with water, with enough water to bring the soil to OMC (Optimum Moisture Content). EarthZyme® is applied with a standard water truck. If you would normally need an estimated four passes of the water truck to bring material up to optimum, then the product should be placed in the first two passes for the day. From then on, only water is required during the mixing process. Even distribution of the EarthZyme® product over the area to be treated is essential for proper soil stabilization and consistency.

The next stage in the soil stabilization/EarthZyme® application process is mixing. This can be done as simply as blade mixing with a grader or using other similar machinery. For best results we recommend a road reclaimer, but in most cases all that will be used is a grader, as they are cheaper and easier to find.

It is suggested that water be filled into the truck before adding EarthZyme® soil stabilizer. This will prevent frothing due to surfactant component of the mix. Once the soil has been brought to OMC, and consistently mixed, the material is ready for compaction. It is important to note that even when using EarthZyme®, proper engineering practices should still be followed, such as attention to shaping and drainage.

Minimum Equipment Requirement:

  • Motor Grader with Ripper
  • Water Truck
  • Steel Drum Vibratory Compactor
  • Rubber Tired / Pneumatic Roller

Optional Recommended Equipment:

  • Road Reclaimer
  • Sheepsfoot Roller

Please contact us for detailed application instructions and how to best apply EarthZyme® to meet your needs.

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