Product Application

This section will cover the general outline for the application of all Dust Stop® products, a detailed application protocol can be provided by your Cypher representative.

While Dust Stop® products are used frequently as road dust control products; they have also proven to be extremely effective at providing dust suppression and erosion control on a variety of other surfaces as well as in an array of other dust control applications. Application protocols are available to suit all alternative dust control applications; the paragraphs below outline the proper application of Dust Stop® products on unpaved roads to control road dust.

To apply Dust Stop® topically, a water truck is required, adding water prior to the Dust Stop® product. All applications and dilution rates are based on average or typical situations; due to varying conditions, however, you may need to alter the application rates and procedures used based on the variables found on your roads. Please consult with your local Cypher representative prior to attempting a Dust Stop® application to be sure the product performs well to meet your dust control needs.

For topical applications, traffic should remain off the road for a short period of time after the product’s application. The length of time will depend on the weather and soil conditions. Traffic can drive on the road immediately after/during applications but it is not recommended because if the product is still wet small amounts can splash or run-off the road as a result of traffic. A good estimate is to let the product dry on the road for approximately one hour before opening to traffic. If possible, apply product to one lane at a time so traffic does not need to be stopped. Once the Dust Stop® is sprayed on the road and it dries, the road can be opened back up to traffic and immediate dust control results will be achieved.

Please contact us for detailed application instructions and how to best apply Dust Stop® to meet your needs.

Minimum Equipment Requirement:

  • Motor Grader with Ripper
  • Water Truck
  • Steel Drum Vibratory Compactor
  • Rubber Tired / Pneumatic Roller

Optional Recommended Equipment:

  • Road Reclaimer
  • Sheepsfoot Roller

Please contact us for detailed application instructions and how to best apply EarthZyme® to meet your needs.

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