A common problem for any new road construction project is finding suitable material, and keeping the project within budgetary constraints. Proper aggregates can be expensive and hard to find in some remote locations, making the potential use of in situ, or locally available materials, an attractive option. We have engineered solutions to enable lower grade construction materials, such as high clay content soils to be used, allowing for roads to be built at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods. Construction sites located in urban areas are also plagued with fines and regulatory commitments that minimize any contamination of local environments that are allowed as the project progresses. Cypher has environmentally friendly solutions to help minimize these impacts by reducing dust and tracking of foreign materials into the community, with no adverse impact on the local environment.

How can we reduce cost of materials during road building?

Typical road building materials are composed of expensive aggregates, due to their load bearing capacity and stability. However in many cases these aggregates can be hard to source and generally an expensive material, especially compared to materials that are considered more marginal in terms of their engineering properties. Therefore when marginal materials can be used, significant cost savings can be accomplished. The use of EarthZyme® is an ideal solution to allow for high clay content soils to be utilized in the construction process. Due to the stabilizing properties of EarthZyme®, which results in the treated material having a higher CBR (California Bearing Ratio) value and reduced swell potential, these high clay materials can now be transformed into a valuable construction input, at a fraction of the cost of traditional materials.


What can we do to reduce long term maintenance costs on rural road construction projects?

Rural roads are plagued with a constant need for grading, to remove such nuisances as wash-boarding, potholes and ruts. As a result, municipalities and counties alike spend large annual budgets on maintaining these roads to ensure smooth running conditions for their rate payers. The use of the correct road stabilizing agents and dust palliative products can improve these running surfaces, enabling the graders to focus on other projects. EarthZyme®’s unique ability to increase density and stability of the running surface of secondary roads can result in a significant reduction in annual grading requirements. The Dust Stop® products can both also be utilized for this purpose. While their main function is to reduce dust, both have a unique stabilizing effect that can result in an increased CBR value, providing for reduced road surface deterioration, which results in less long term maintenance requirements.

How can we improve the CBR and density of roads long term?

California Bearing Ratio (CBR) is a commonly measured value for road engineers to calculate a materials’ strength and suitability for different construction projects. Certain materials with lower CBR values may not be suitable for use, due to their lower weight bearing capacity. When materials containing a high clay content do not meet the desired grade, EarthZyme® is a well suited additive to enhance the material’s engineering properties, and improve its CBR value. EarthZyme® works to increase the density of a treated material after compaction, and due to the enhanced binding properties of the clay fraction of the material after treatment, this results in a lasting increase in density and strength. The end result is a higher CBR value, reduced permeability, swell and deflection.

We are looking for an easy to use / easily applicable product for stabilization, what options are there?

Using the proper stabilizing agent can be paramount to a long term high performance road. However, any products that are used must be applicable using standard equipment and techniques, in order to be easily adopted by the clients. As discussed in the question above, EarthZyme® is an ideal solution if increased density and CBR value is desired. The product is in fact applicable using standard equipment, such as graders, water trucks and typical compaction equipment such as steel drum and rubber tired pneumatic rollers. EarthZyme® was designed for long term stabilization (many years) if applied correctly, however will provide some dust reductions as a side effect. If just looking for a product to be applied annually to provide stability, but have an even greater effect of reducing dust, the Dust Stop® line of products may offer a more viable solution.

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