A common trend with a variety of agricultural practices is the use of large quantities of water. Whether in use to wash produce, contain animal waste, or for irrigation purposes, this resource needs to be managed correctly for the sustainability of the operation. Odour related issues with mismanaged water can also be a plague to nearby communities and a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) nightmare. Cypher has some unique alternatives for better water management, helping to conserve this invaluable natural resource, and minimize any negative impact on surrounding communities. Our road solutions are also designed to have no impact on the environment, and are therefore safe for use in and around environmentally sensitive agricultural properties of any kind.

How can we reduce the impact of road dust on roadside vegetation on farmers’ fields?

Studies have suggested that a car driving down one mile of road, once a day for one year, can lead to one ton of dust being deposited 500 feet on either side of the road median. This dust can coat the leaves of agricultural crops, leading to a reduction in photosynthesis and reduced crop yields, lending to the need for an effective dust suppressant. Traditional chloride based road dust suppressants can be quite corrosive, and have actually been labeled as toxic, as per section 64 of the 1999 CEPA (Canadian Environmental Protection Act). Therefore they can be quite harmful to roadside vegetation. Dust Stop® Municipal Blend was designed as a non-corrosive and environmentally friendly alternative to chlorides for road dust control, while being very competitively priced, having no negative impact on surrounding crops whatsoever.


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