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How Cypher can help you with your ESG Initiatives

Managing ESG & CSR Risk and Opportunity Environment and social issues are more prominent than ever within the mining sector….

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Building Strong and Stable Clay Roads

Traditionally, unpaved clay roads have a bad reputation when it comes to overall stability and durability and are known to…

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Cypher Environmental’s products have been used to build roads in more than 50 countries over 6 continents and we know…

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Cypher Environmental is proudly represented by over 40 distributors worldwide. We are born and raised in Canada, with our head…

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Cypher’s DUST/BLOKR® used on Municipal Roads in Winnipeg

We’re coming home! After years of successful projects around the globe, we are excited to announce that the City of…

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Safer Choice

EPA Safer Choice Certification

DUST/BLOKR/SB is officially Safer Choice certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. After many months of stringent testing, our products…

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The Cost of Water In Mining

Dust control is a serious issue for mines around the world. The primary source of dust for mining operations comes…

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Cypher Products Have New Names

EarthZyme® is NOW >>> ROAD//STABILIZR®  and  Dust Stop® is NOW >>> DUST/BLOKR® As we enter a new chapter at Cypher…

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Building Efficient Haul Roads

Why are mining companies ignoring an easy solution to reducing their operating costs? The truth is, they are losing millions…

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