Capillary Rise Experiment to Assess the Effectiveness of an Enzyme Soil Stabilizer

An experimental program to assess of the attributes of an enzyme soil stabilizer is described. The enzyme additive is typically applied to marginal clay-based soils to improve the performance of road subgrades. The study investigated the potential increase in shear strength and the reduction in swelling. Two long-term soil column tests were conducted to measure water absorption due to capillary … Read More

Dust Stop Liquid Concentrate – Lasting Dust and Erosion Control for Tailings Piles

Dust Stop Liquid Concentrate is a 100% environmentally friendly solution that is very effective for long term dust and erosion control for tailings piles consisting of any material. After application of the emulsion to the tailings, the water evaporates and the polymer particles pack closely together to form a continuous film. Moreover, the application of Dust Stop leads to the … Read More

EarthZyme – Paving a New Way for Haul Road Construction

The use of environmentally friendly EarthZyme soil stabilizer can dramatically reduce costs associated with the construction and maintenance of new haul roads and the stabilization of existing haul roads. EarthZyme is a concentrated blend of enzymes, electrolytes and surfactants that produces significant engineering improvements on suitable soils. After an application of EarthZyme, soils with high clay content have shown to … Read More

Bio-Stabilization of Unconsolidated Base Materials

Rural roads in southwestern Manitoba and across Canada suffer from chronic rapid deterioration requiring expensive ongoing maintenance. The current research is an integral part of the initial attempt at stabilizing rural gravel roads with the introduction of aggregate gravel materials with a high content of reactive clays, organic catalysts, in conjunction with the use and application of appropriate construction protocols. … Read More