Cypher Family BBQ

The Cypher team was finally able to enjoy an outdoor social gathering this fall at CEO Todd Burns’ residence just outside Winnipeg. We met some of our feathery friends from Wildlife Haven and caught up with each other in-person. It was a well-deserved event to recognize the hard work everyone has put in over the last year and a half. We enjoyed a hike in the beautiful Manitoba Nature, lawn games, a visit from Wildlife Haven, and a delicious BBQ dinner.

Our team has adapted to the ever-changing landscape of our business during the pandemic. They have worked hard to make our environmentally-friendly products better than ever while also contributing to community efforts whenever possible.

One of the highlights was when Teaghan Wellman released a rehabilitated hawk back from Wildlife Haven into nature. They also brought along the Una the charming one-eyed grey horned owl, as well as R2 the Red-Tailed Hawk. Both of these birds are permanent ambassadors at the rehabilitation centre and make educational appearances to bring awareness for Manitoba wildlife.

We were also surprised when VP Andrew from Toronto showed up the day before and was able to join us for the BBQ. He hasn’t been to Winnipeg in over two years and everyone was really happy to see him offline for once! He also had the chance to meet many new team members for the first time face-to-face.

We are so appreciative of each and every member of the Cypher family. We’ve worked together to find success during some very challenging times. There’s no stopping us now!


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