Riley Cram is the perfect example of a Cypher Environmental success story. He first began working in partnership with Cypher in 2017 as a graduate research student while completing his Master of Science degree in Geology at the University of Brandon. His research project was part of a prestigious internship awarded through Mitacs, an organization which connects industry with post-secondary institutions through research and development.


His final thesis, The Stabilization of Unpaved Roads Using Cohesive Clays and Organic Catalysts, focused on investigating the use of local clay materials to stabilize surface gravel aggregate on unpaved roads in south western Manitoba. He worked alongside his supervising professor, Dr. Mumin, to make ground-breaking discoveries about how ROAD//STABILIZR® and DUST/BLOKR® can significantly improve road conditions with zero environmental impact.

His project was widely recognized by top industry leaders and has been featured in many local and national newspaper and media outlets. In addition, he was invited by Research Manitoba to a world class research event at the Legislative Building in Winnipeg where he met with government officials to discuss his project. The research project was also one of five in Canada selected by Mitacs for a Parliament Hill event in Ottawa.


Riley Cram and Teaghan Wellman attend research event at the Manitoba Legislature.     Riley Cram and Teaghan Wellman attend research event at the Manitoba Legislature.








It’s obvious that Riley is a high-performing individual, and that’s why we needed to keep him on our team! He was offered a permanent position at Cypher Environmental upon the completion of his project and has now been working as a Geotechnical Specialist for almost two years. He is responsible for receiving, documenting, and reporting on soil analysis for client projects. He also assesses the treatability of the soil for proper implementation and application.

You will also find Riley out on construction sites where he gets to supervise and coordinate DUST/BLOKR® and ROAD//STABILIZR® applications and see their performance firsthand (although less recently due to the pandemic). Says Riley, “Seeing the finished product of an ROAD//STABILIZR® stabilized or DUST/BLOKR® treated project that I worked on from the beginning is very exciting.”


   Riley Cram observes ROAD//STABILIZR® application at Curry's Landing near Cornwallis, Manitoba.   Riley Cram observes ROAD//STABILIZR® application at Curry's Landing near Cornwallis, Manitoba.


He even got to travel to Kazakhstan in November, 2019 to train civil lab technicians on how to apply Cypher solutions in laboratory soil testing. This visit led to the approval of Cypher products for public road use. “I am proud of the global impact that our green technologies have on communities around the world and the places that it allows me to travel to,” says Riley.

Riley is passionate about his job and realizes that his work is truly making a difference, “knowing that my support and technical knowledge is resulting in significant cost savings for communities, while mitigating negative environmental impacts on unpaved roads, such as dust and the use of corrosive products, is very fulfilling”.


Riley Cram visits Kazakhstan.

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